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For the most up to date information on COVID-19, please click here 

For the latest facts on recent incidents, please visit and please make sure you and your family are registered for VC Alert.  For the latest weather conditions, visit the National Weather Service in Oxnard.  For assistance preparing an emergency supplies kit, please click here.  If a wildfire hits the area and you have to evacuate, can you be ready in a flash?  


Be prepared at home, work, and school by making sure you have a plan.  To learn more, please click here.

Power Outages

Extended power outages impacts everyone and the economy.  To learn more about SCE Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), click here


For guidance on how to best prepare for the next wildfire, please click here The VC Recovery Page provides assistance to victims of fires to help with recovery and rebuilding.  For additional Fire Recovery Resources, please click here.  To view a copy of the 2018 Hill & Woolsey After Action Report Summary, please click here. Please click here to refer to the Emergency Evacuation, Road Closure & Sheltering Fact Sheet for guidelines on evacuation types.


For a quick review of how to prepare for storms and flooding, please click here and for sandbag information.

Hazard Mitigation

A countrywide Hazard Mitigation Plan was developed that includes maps for flood zones, dam inundation areas and earthquake faults. The City also has recently updated its Emergency Operations Plan that describes in detail how the City prepares, responds, and recovers from a variety of emergency incidents. 

Dam Inundation Map

The State Department of Water Resources reviews and approves inundation maps prepared by licensed civil engineers.  These maps are used to assist the City and County in planning and responding to a dam breach. To learn more, please click here.

Emergency Service Providers

County Office of Emergency Services: The Cities and County of Ventura work together to ensure residents are prepared for emergencies. To learn more, please visit Ready Ventura County.

State Office of Emergency Services: The California Emergency Management Agency describes the hazards that exist locally and how to reduce your risk! Remember, the best way to recover from an emergency incident is by reducing the risks before anything happens.

Emergency Radio Communications: During an emergency incident, cellular phones may not be available. The use of radio communication is essential. Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) are trained volunteers who  support the Cities and County of Ventura and are licensed Amateur Radio Operators.




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