Planning a trip? Thousand Oaks Transit Trip Planner

Trip planning is provided using Google Maps.

e.g. 265 S Rancho Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA

e.g. The Oaks Shopping Center
Trip planning data is maintained using GTFS Manager from Trillium.

View or Download Route Maps

Route 40 Newbury Park Schedule and Map 

Route 1

 Route 41 Midtown A Schedule and Map

Route 42 Midtown B Schedule and Map 

Route 2B

 Route 43 TOB Express Schedule and Map

Route 3

Route 44 Crosstown Schedule and Map 

Route 4

 Thousand Oaks Transit Rider Guide Full System Schedule and Map


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Bus: (805) 375-5473 | Dial-A-Ride: (805) 375-5467