If you'd like to report a non-essential business operating, please call 805-202-1805


Local Thousand Oaks Bus Service Suspended Until Further Notice Due to COVID-19

Planning a trip? Thousand Oaks Transit Trip Planner

Trip planning is provided using Google Maps.

e.g. 265 S Rancho Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA

e.g. The Oaks Shopping Center
Trip planning data is maintained using GTFS Manager from Trillium.

View or Download Route Maps

Thousand Oaks Transit Route 1 Gold system map cover image

Route 1

Thousand Oaks Transit Route 2 Green system map cover image

Route 2

Thousand Oaks Transit Route 2B Purple system map cover image

Route 2B

Thousand Oaks Transit Route 3 Red System Map cover image

Route 3

Thousand Oaks Transit Route 4 Blue System Map cover image

Route 4

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Bus: (805) 375-5473 | Dial-A-Ride: (805) 375-5467