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Fun Facts Q & A

  • What is the total number of bus stops for all of TO? 


  • What do you do with old/retired buses?

Bus and DAR vans that are owned by the city go to public auction once they have reached their useful life. Useful life varies between five and twelve years. 

  • How many bike riders use the buses in a month?                                                                                                    

300-400 bikes are transported on buses monthly.

  • What type of engine is in the buses?

Cummins 280 HP, in-line 6 cylinder engine, running on compressed natural gas (same basic engine block you find in semi-trailer trucks, just engineered to run on CNG instead of diesel).

  •  How often are the buses checked for items left behind?


  • Do your buses have location transponders like planes?

The buses have various pieces of equipment on board that use GPS and we do track the location of all buses and DAR vehicles in real-time.

  • How many buses does TOT operate?

12 for TOT service plus 8 others for our partner agencies.

  • What is the average lifespan of a bus - how often are they replaced?

Varies by type but the heavy buses on most of our routes have a minimum useful life of 12 years or 500,000 miles.

  • How many vans does the TOT operate?

16 for TOT service plus 8 others for our partner agencies.

  • How many miles do all the buses drive on an annual basis?

The buses and vans used for TOT bus and Dial-A-Ride service accumulate over 1,250,000 miles annually.

  • What is the most traveled destination?

The Oaks Mall.

  • What is the average distance between stops?

About 0.6 miles between stops on average.

  • What is the most common item(s) left on a bus?

(Most common) items are keys and cellular phones.

  • What happens to lost and found items that go unclaimed?

They are donated to charity after being held for 30 days.

  • How many years has TOT been operating?

TOT was authorized by City Council action in September 1982, but the City has been operating some form of bus service since 1976, so 2021 will be our 45th anniversary.

  • How many riders are served every year?

Approximately 140,000 ride TOT buses and 90,000 ride the Dial-A-Ride service. If you include all rides provided including our partner agencies, the total ridership is over 400,000 annually.

  • How many people work for TOT?

City employs two full-time staff for transit operations and another 10-12 employees work on some aspect of transit as part of their job duties (mechanics, clerks, accounting staff, etc.). Our contractor employs about 70 staff.

  • What are some of the least known jobs held by TOT employees?

One bus driver (and his wife) keeps all of the buses and vans detailed. Each bus and van gets a weekly interior detail and an exterior detail every 30 – 90 days depending on the vehicle.

  • How often do the vehicles go in for maintenance?

The heavier vehicles (buses and large Dial-A-Ride vans) are inspected monthly (as required by the CHP) and maintained according to manufacturer recommendations, usually every 7,500 miles. The lighter vans are typically in for maintenance at least once monthly, or every 5,000 miles, whichever is first.

  • How many drivers are there in the TOT family?

The contractor employs about 50 drivers.

  • What happens if the bus breaks down during a ride?

A replacement vehicle is dispatched from the Transportation Center and a mechanic is called to the scene to access the issue. Depending on the nature of the problem, the bus will be driven back or towed back.

  • What does it take to be a TOT driver?

Drivers have to have a clean driving and criminal record, be drug tested and subject to random testing, have a Class “B” license with several additional endorsements and complete a minimum of 120 hours of classroom and over the road training. Most of our bus drivers have previous experience driving other types of buses and heavy vehicles and our Dial-A-Ride drivers are subject to the same training as the bus drivers so they can drive everything from the small 3 passenger vans to our largest 20 passenger vans.

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