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Fares in the form of cash, pass, or transfer are accepted on TOT buses. Fares can be paid in cash with exact change when boarding. Change cards will be issued for change of $1.00 or more. No refunds are available. Passes may be purchased on-board with the driver for exact cash amount, or at the Thousand Oaks Transportation Center with cash, check (up to $100), or credit card.


Thousand Oaks Transit provides free transfers between local bus routes and also between VCTC Intercity buses. It allows you to make longer trips for the same low fare. Our electronic fareboxes make it easy to obtain and use a transfer.

When do I need a transfer?

Transfers are necessary to travel on multiple buses without paying an additional fare. Transfers are needed if you paid a cash fare or are riding using a single ride ticket or 10 ride ticket.

You do not need a transfer if you are using a 1, 7, or 31-day unlimited ride pass, or if you are riding for free (DAR and ADA cardholders and children 5 and under accompanied by an adult).

How do I get a transfer?

Transfers are issued by the driver. Please request a transfer when you board and pay your fare. Drivers may decline to provide transfers as you are exiting the bus as it can disrupt the boarding process for other passengers.

Are there any special rules for transfers?

Yes, there are a few rules you should be aware of:

  • Your transfer is good only for 90 minutes so make sure and use it before then. The farebox will automatically reject an expired transfer.
  • Your transfer is only good on another bus route, you can’t use the transfer to re-board the same route to complete a round trip or do intermediate stops. The transfer is encoded with data on the route and bus it was issued and when read, the transfer will be rejected if used on the same route. If you do need to make multiple stops on the same route, consider purchasing a day pass to save money.
  • Transfers can be used only one time. There are some trips that may take more than one transfer to complete. If that applies to your trip, as you board the second bus and use your first transfer, ask the driver for another.*

*Because two transfer trips are rare, the driver may ask you what route you started on and where your trip is ending to ensure our rules are being followed.

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