Google Transit

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As part of our effort to make Thousand Oaks Transit more accessible, we are making our official schedules available in the open Google Transit™ Feed Specification (GTFS). If you want to use it, we have a few requests:

  • Keep your work up to date.
    Check this page frequently and note when schedules are updated. Please don't distribute the raw files: We want to avoid out-of-date versions of schedules and other information being circulated.
  • Don't use the Thousand Oaks Transit logo.
    Sorry, but only we get to use official Thousand Oaks Transit trademarks to let customers know when they're getting info directly from Thousand Oaks Transit instead of someplace else.
  • Don't forget about us - give us a mention and a link back to
  • Read the License Agreement then download the files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you publishing schedules this way?

We want to foster innovative new applications, reach a broader audience and encourage more people to choose Thousand Oaks Transit and other forms of public transit. In addition, we just don't have the time and resources to develop some things that our customers might want like mobile trip planners for devices that don't have internet connections. We hope some enterprising developer out there might want to take on those projects.

Why use this format?

GTFS is a lightweight, open format that provides a common, easy way to exchange transit data. It may become the standard for exchanging this data in the future (and you don't have to be Google™ to use it.)

Will you help me troubleshoot?

We simply don't have the resources for that. Make sure to compare your work with the schedules and trip plans on the Thousand Oaks Transit website and adjust your output accordingly. We expect you to provide accurate information to our customers.