Transit Center Improvements

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Parking and Pedestrian Access


• The Thousand Oaks Transit Center (TOTC), located at 265 South Rancho Road, just south of the 101 Freeway consists of a main transit building, three bus passenger loading bays, and upper and lower parking lots.

• The number of buses arriving at TOTC during peak hours exceeds the existing capacity at the passenger loading areas.   As a result, passengers are currently being loaded from an existing lane of travel without protection.

• In addition, the existing pathway from Rancho Road to the bus loading area is not pedestrian friendly, and no safe walkway exists between the lower parking lot and bus loading areas for pedestrians and those riders covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

• To remedy these safety concerns, the redesign of the bus parking area and addition of an accessible pedestrian path from both lower parking lot as well as Rancho Rd to bus loading areas was developed and approved by the City Engineer.


Transit Center Site Map
• WHEN: January 2020 – June
2020 (estimated)
• HOW LONG: 120 calendar days (estimated)

• Construction contract has been awarded to C.A. Rasmussen, Inc. (Valencia, CA) in the amount of $1,574,855.
• The City was awarded funding for the Bus Passenger Loading and Pedestrian Walkway improvements. Award of funds for the projectoccurred in late 2017. In addition, due to the project’s high-ranking scores, the City was awarded additional funding in the 2018/2019 fiscal year.





• Safe passageway for pedestrians using Rancho Rd. and lower parking lot to the bus loading area.
• Increased bus parking capacity
• Improved landscaping


• New pedestrian access path will provide an accessible path of travel from Rancho Rd. as well as improving the pedestrian safety.

• Reduces bus parking congestion and providing a safe zone for the passengers, hence improve ridership experience 

Transit Center Project Map













Project begins January 6, 2020


Dan Lazo

Senior Civil Engineer