Water Saving Tips

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Water is a critical part of California’s way of life. Our economy, our environment, and our day-to-day lifestyle need water to flourish. But our water is limited – as the recent historic drought proved. The lack of rain in southern California during dry years means we have to stretch the water that we do have.

The good news…it’s easy to keep saving! There are lots of simple ways to reduce the amount of water that we use at home, both inside and outside. Explore the California Save Our Water fun and interactive water saving tips section to find even more ways to save, both inside and outside your home!

The California Urban Water Conservation Council’s interactive H2ouse is also a great resource to learn how to save more water, evaluate new appliances as well as landscape design assistance.

Basic Tips

Some of these tips may seem pretty obvious though there are others you may not think about from day to day.

  • Watering early in the morning or late in the day is key. Evaporation is the enemy: wait until the sun is low to water. Under Level 1 water restrictions you must water before 8am or after 6 pm.
  • Keep an eye on the weather so that you aren’t over-watering. Let the rain do its magic for you. Turn off your sprinklers when it’s supposed to rain or install a rain sensor that will do it automatically (watering during or 48 hours after rain is prohibited by state law).
  • Inspect your sprinklers every 4-6 weeks and check for broken heads or misdirected spray. We’ve all seen those water sprinklers that manage to drench an entire sidewalk and occasionally a few bystanders. Excessive runoff and/or overspray is prohibited under Level 1 water restrictions.
  • Check for any water leaks inside and outside the home and repair promptly. A slow drip from a leaking faucet or running toilet can quickly add up to hundreds of gallons of unnecessary water loss week after week.
  • Cover your swimming pool when not in use. Uncovered pools can use as much water (losing it through evaporation) as watering your lawn.
  • Setting your mower higher when cutting grass can reduce burnouts, weeds, insects, and disease.  There always seems to be that patch of grass that won’t grow or looks dull because it’s being cut too low. Mowing at 2.5 to 3.5 is recommended depending on the season.
  • Mulching beds are the best! They help retain moisture and prevent weeds. Be careful not to over-mulch, which can stress plants. Two or three inches is just the right amount.
  • Use your laundry water (greywater) for irrigation
  • Learn about saving rainwater using a cistern
  • Rainwater harvesting for your landscape

Track your water usage

For information about Thousand Oaks water quality and how to read your water meter, click here.

For specific questions about the Ordinance or water conservation programs click here or contact the City of Thousand Oaks Public Works Department at (805) 449-2400.

"Defeat the Drought" Water Conservation Expo - Civic Arts Plaza - June 27, 2015

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Request a Free Water Survey!

As part of the City's effort to help customers save water, a program has been developed to provide free water conservation surveys for City of Thousand Oaks water customers. Please call the Municipal Service Center at 805-375-5747 to make an appointment.

All three of the City's water purveyors offer free water surveys. If your water purveyor is California Water Service or California American Water Company, contact them to request a survey.