Leaks (Find or Report)

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Report a Leak or Water Waste

Report leaks or water waste anywhere in the City to the City water conservation hotline at (805) 375-5747, email the information to publicworksmsc@toaks.org to submit a service request.

The report is confidential, and City staff will contact the property resident, HOA or business and identify the reported problem and request that they fix the problem. Staff will also forward the report to CalWater or California American Water if necessary since each water agency is responsible for conducting education and enforcement in our respective service areas.

You can also report leaks or water waste to California Water Service or California American Water directly:

Find a Leak  

Water Meter Face display

Here are some helpful resources if you suspect you have a water leak or received a letter indicating that you may have a water leak. The links below are a combination of both public agency and private company’s helpful tips and resources available on the internet.

I received a letter from the City saying I may have a water leak

The City has installed meters for about half of our customers that can assist in identifying potential leaks. The water meters record if there was a minimum of ¾ of a gallon flowing through the system every hour over a 24-hour period. For most households, this would indicate that they have one or more leaks and will trigger a courtesy notification letter to the account holder alerting them of a potential leak. Usually, the leak is obvious, but sometimes we have had customers call back and tell us they found a slab leak or a leak inside their walls that they were unaware of before investigating.

However, you may also have a reason why you use water around the clock in your household, you can let us know, and we will note it in your account so that we do not continue to send out letters.

I fixed the leak, but I am still getting letters

It is not uncommon to have more than one leak or to have another leak start soon after you fix the original problem.  If the meter continues to detect water flowing every hour over a 24 hour period, it will generate a new leak letter.

How to fix a leak

Links to these sites do not imply endorsement of any products or services provided by these companies.

Written overview with simple graphics 

EPA – Leak Resources (EPA estimates ONE Trillion gallons lost annually due to leaks)

How to check for household leaks and shut off your water 

City of Thousand Oaks Presentation at “Defeat the Drought” workshop