Level 1 Water Conservation Regulations in Effect

On April 25, 2023, City Council rescinded the Level 3 water restrictions and authorized to move back to Level 1 water conservation requirements; the City's permanent water conservation measures. This decision was based on the Metropolitan Water District (the City's water supplier) recently receiving a 100% allocation from the State Water Project. In short, this allows watering 3 days per week (days are not specified). For more details and information you can read the staff report here or read the water conservation ordinance.

While this drought may be over, it is important to incorporate lessons learned from previous droughts so we ask everyone in the community to continue to be mindful of water usage and conserve to ensure long term resiliency. Future droughts may be just as severe or even worse, so if you plan to re-landscape your property, choose plants that can survive or even thrive with limited irrigation. 

Click on these links for more information on the history of drought in California or to use the Personal Water Calculator to find out how much water you could be saving at home.

Water Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Thousand Oaks


Banner photo courtesy FarOutFlora via Flickr and Creative Commons licensing.