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Medicine and Sharps Disposal

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Free Medicine Disposal Bins in the Conejo Valley

City of Thousand Oaks’ residents can safely and confidentially dispose of expired or unwanted pharmaceuticals. A Medicine Collection Drop-Box is located at the City of Thousand Oaks’ Police Department and is available during normal business hours. City of Thousand Oaks residents only (no medical office, commercial or business waste accepted).

East Valley Police Station Lobby
2101 E. Olsen Road, Thousand Oaks, 91360 (map)
Hours: Monday - Friday; 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Telephone: (805) 494-8200

Medication drop off bins are also available at:

2791 Agoura Rd, Westlake Village
(805) 495-4938

Lynn Oaks Compounding Pharmacy
2220 N. Lynn Rd, Thousand Oaks
(805) 495-1015


How to Use the Bin

  • What medications to bring: prescription and over the counter medications, inhalers, veterinary medications, vitamins, prescription creams and ointments. Medications can be pill, liquid and vial formsEmpty pills from their plastic bottles and containers into a zippered plastic bag at home before bringing the medication to the Police station.  No need to identify which medications are inside on the outside of the bag. Its OK to mix up the pills. Blister packs of pills can be kept intact and dropped into the zippered bag as well. (Please recycle the empty plastic bottles in your home recycling bin after pills are removed-- its OK to keep caps on.  Recycle any cardboard boxes and medication inserts in your home recycling bin).
  • Liquid medicine bottles should be securely closed and placed in a zippered plastic bag before bringing to the police station and depositing in the bin.

Do not bring:

  • Needles (Sharps) -- see below
  • Controlled Substances 
  • Medical or Commercial Waste
  • IV Bags

Pharmaceutical Mail-In Program

For elderly or disabled individuals unable to use the drop-off containers at the Police Station, the City will provide mail-in envelopes that are pre-addressed to a company licensed to accept and dispose of these materials safely.

  • To request a free mail-in envelope, please call (805) 449-SAVE (7283) or click here to e-mail your request. Please include your name, mailing address and phone number.

Why dispose properly of your medications?

  1. Environmental Concerns - Old or unwanted drugs that are disposed of by flushing or pouring down a sink enter the environment because wastewater treatment facilities are not designed to remove them. Studies from the U.S. Geological Survey indicates that 80% of the Nation’s waterways contain trace amounts of pharmaceutical waste. While scientists are just now studying the potential effects on humans, there have been demonstrated negative effects on certain wildlife, such as fish. In addition, the City's Sustainability team recommends that you purchase only the amount of over-the-counter medication needed or projected to be used through the expiration on the package, rather than purchasing a large, economy-sized bottle or container that will not be completely used and the remainder of the medication will need to be disposed of correctly.
  2. Drug Abuse Concerns - Storing unused or outdated prescriptions creates an opportunity for illegal use. Estimates from law enforcement personnel state that approximately 40% of the drugs abused by kids come from the home of a friend or relative and a report from the Office of National Drug Control Policy states that every day, 2,500 youth (12-17) abuse a prescription pain reliever for the very first time. Nearly half say they get the medications from friends and relatives for free, often by raiding the medicine cabinet or by attending "pharming parties" where teens barter legal drugs and get high.

Other Pharmaceutical Disposal Programs

There are a number of drop-off locations for unwanted or expired medication in Ventura County.  Click here for a county-wide list of disposal sites.

Needle and Sharps Disposal

Improper disposal of used "sharps" (needles, syringes, and lancets) can injure children, home health care providers, sanitation workers, and pets.

How to Dispose of your Sharps

Pick up your free 'sharps' container at the City of Thousand Oaks Public Works Department (2100 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, First Floor). When it is three-quarters full, take it to one of the needle collection facilities listed below for proper disposal, and you will be given a new clean 'sharps' container in exchange, if needed. For additional details, please call the Ventura County Environmental Health Division at (805) 654-2813.

For safety reasons, sharps will NOT be accepted in:

  • Liquid detergent bottles
  • Bleach bottles
  • Coffee cans
  • Glass containers
  • Milk jugs
  • Soda bottles

Sharps Disposal Guidelines

  • Sharps should be placed into a container immediately after use.
  • Do not attempt to remove, bend, break, or recap the needle.
  • Keep all sharps and disposal containers out of the reach of children.
  • Please do not place sharps disposal containers in curbside trash or recycling carts.

Needle Collection Facilities

Thousand Oaks


City of Thousand Oaks Household Hazardous Waste Facility - Newbury Park
Fridays and Saturdays by appointment.
Make appointment online or call (805) 376-5007
new sharps container available for exchange

Ventura Public Health
3147 Loma Vista Road
 Conejo Family Medical Group
125 W. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Suite #300
Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
new sharps container available for exchange*

Los Robles Hospital
Outpatient Lab
215 West Janss Road
Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm; Sat/Sun 8am - 12pm
new sharps container available for exchange*

*availability not guaranteed

West Ventura Family Care Clinic
133 West Santa Clara Street

Simi Valley

Oak View

Sierra Vista Medical Center
4531 Alamo Street
Oak View Family Practice
655 N. Ventura Avenue
Simi Valley Public Health
660 E. Los Angeles Avenue, No. B2


Ojai Valley Hospital
1306 Maricopa Highway



Moorpark Family Care Clinic
35 West Los Angeles Avenue
Fillmore Medical Plaza
852 Ventura Street


Santa Paula

Mariposa Urgent Care
3801 Las Posas Road, Suite 106B
Santa Paula Clinic
1334 E. Main Street
St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital
2309 Antonio Avenue
Santa Paula Public Health
620 West Harvard



Las Islas Clinic
325 W. Channel Island Boulevard
Piru Clinic
4061 E. Center Street
Magnolia Family Health Center
120 Magnolia Avenue

Oxnard Public Health
2500 "C" Street, Suite D

St. John's Regional Medical Center
1600 North Rose Avenue