Bin and Dumpster Rental

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For temporary residential, commercial and/or industrial construction, demolition and clean-up projects, only the following non-exclusive franchise operators are legally authorized to collect waste and provide dumpsters in the City:

Temporary service is defined as service that occurs a maximum of 30 days at a specific location per calendar year, or service provided for construction and demolition projects that require a City building and/or grading permit. Service for City permitted construction and demolition service may remain as long as the building and/or grading permit is valid. Additionally, property owners or contractors may self-haul debris using their own vehicles.

The City establishes the rate ceiling for temporary service.  Customers needing temporary service are free to compare competitive service rates offered by the City's non-exclusive franchise operators listed above.  Click here to view the 2021 Temporary Dumpster rental rates. There is one charge to rent the dumpster and an additional charge for disposal of the contents, and this amount is  based on weight. Click here for information about Waste Management's charges. For questions about temporary solid waste service rates, City's Sustainability Division at (805) 449-7283 or email:

Download our Hauler FAQs for more information about the City's solid waste hauler franchise system, including how to become an authorized service provider in Thousand Oaks.

Waste Disposal Facilities

Contractors and waste haulers are not restricted in their disposal options for C&D debris, as long as projects meet the City's 65% debris diversion requirements.

Projects that utilize mixed waste recycling will require that materials are processed at a mixed C&D processing facility. The nearest mixed C&D processing facility is located approximately 10 miles north-east of Thousand Oaks at the Simi Valley Landfill. Click here for more information about the Simi Valley Landfill.

Additionally, the City of Thousand Oaks currently accepts material processing at facilities certified by the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation. Contractors utilizing any of these certified facilities must use the listed Mixed C&D Debris Recycling Rate in determining their diversion rate on the C&D Recycling Plan and the C&D Recycling Report.

Click here to view the City of Thousand Oaks list of recognized C&D processing facilities.

or visit the City of LA Sanitation Department website for the Certified Processors List if you wish to dispose of your waste in Los Angeles.