Getting Started with Recycling at Your Business

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1) Schedule a Free Waste Assessment

Know what you throw. Contact City staff or Waste Management to schedule a free waste evaluation. During the assessment, agency staff will evaluate the amount and type of waste generated, determine your building’s recycling potential and recommend how to incorporated recycling into your current service mix.

Contact Public Works at (805) 449-7283 or Waste Management at (805) 955-4346.

The City’s reduced-cost recycling service rates often mean savings for businesses that implement effective recycling programs that emphasize recycling over trash disposal. Schedule a free waste assessment today to see how a recycling program might save your business money!

2) Reduce Your Use

Find ways to reduce your waste before recycling (or disposal) for even greater environmental and financial rewards. Start with a visit to our waste reduction tips page for ideas.

3) Get Your Equipment in Place

Contact Waste Management to schedule service level changes based on your waste assessment. This will entail the delivery of new bins or the exchange of existing ones.

Organize equipment and in the office/business space. This may require purchasing containers for the collection of recyclables, or repurposing existing containers for recycling. Be creative – an empty paper box can serve as a no-cost collection container for office paper and other recyclables.

Now Available! - Free deskside recycling boxes for Thousand Oaks businesses.

These cardboard containers are great for collecting clean recyclables (office paper, empty bottles/cans, plastic containers, etc.) in an office environment. Approximate dimensions: 15" wide x 10" high x 9" deep. Limit 50 boxes per business. Available to Thousand Oaks locations only. While supplies last!

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Make it easy for your employees. Recycling programs are more successful if collection containers are placed close to the source of generation. Consider putting paper recycling bins under employee’s desks and near areas with lots of paper waste. Collection containers for comingled recyclables are appropriate for common areas and break rooms. Placing a recycling container next to every trash container is a great rule of thumb. A little up-front investment in recycling equipment and proper placement will have long-term benefits for your business recycling program.

4) Communicate and Educate

Spread the word! Let your employees know in advance that recycling service is coming. Be sure to provide information detailing what can be recycled and where. Use a variety of methods to spread the word such as posters, letters and e-mails. Be sure to include recycling guides and/or links to recycling information for people to refer to when they have questions.

Use signs and labels to clearly mark your recycling containers and reduce contamination by indicating what should go in the recycling containers.

Be sure to get your janitorial staff involved early in the process. Make sure they understand expectations for servicing recyclables containers, and give them time to plan for any changes in service routines.

5) Monitor Progress and Celebrate Your Success!

You may encounter some bumps along the road as your recycling program gets up and running. Monitor your program to evaluate participation and identify any problems. Address issues promptly to keep them from derailing your efforts. Keep employees engaged by posting occasional reminder notices and celebrating success stories. As your trash generation declines, share the good news!