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Athens Services is the exclusive City-contracted provider of regularAthens front loader commercial trash, recycling, and organics  collection services for businesses and multi-family complexes in Thousand Oaks. To initiate or modify collection service, contact Athens Services at (805) 852-5264 or visit Athens Services online.

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Solid waste service rates are set annually by City Council. For questions about solid waste service in Thousand Oaks contact the Public Works Department at or call (805) 449-7283. 



Mandatory Commercial Recycling Regulation

State law (AB 341) requires all businesses that generate 4 cubic yards or more (1 extra large dumpster) of trash per week and all multifamily complexes with five or more units (regardless of how much trash they generate) to recycle.  Visit our Mandatory Commercial Recycling webpage for more information about the law and how to ensure your business is in compliance. Visit our Apartment / Multi-Family Recycling webpage for details about multi-family recycling service.

Free Recycling Boxes

Save money and reduce waste and comply with State law by incorporating recycling into your waste service! These cardboard containers are great for collecting clean recyclables (office paper, empty bottles/cans, plastic containers, etc.) in an office environment. Approximate dimensions: 15" wide x 10" high x 9" deep.

Free deskside recycling boxes for Thousand Oaks businesses. Limit 20 boxes per business. Available to Thousand Oaks locations only while supplies last! Order here.

The Public Works Department and Athens Services offer free waste assessments to evaluate current service and recommend improvements. To schedule an appointment, contact Public Works at or (805) 449-7283 or Athens Services at (805) 852-5264.

Already recycling?CAGBN VC

Businesses that go beyond recycling and incorporate sustainable actions throughout their operations are encouraged to join the City’s Green Business Certification Program to be recognized for their environmental commitment.

Want to reduce your company's environmental impact?

Learn more about the greenhouse gas emissions from solid waste disposal and some possible strategies to reduce waste in Thousand Oaks.