New Solid Waste Agreement

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Athens Services (Effective January 1, 2022)

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Athens Services is a family-owned and -operated company established in 1957, which currently provides waste, recycling, and organics collections services to forty-one communities in Southern California. Athens corporate headquarters are located in the San Gabriel Valley in the City of Industry, but they will conduct business in the City from their local Sustainability Center located in Thousand Oaks. Athens currently provides solid waste services in the cities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Whittier, San Gabriel, Sierra Madre, Santa Paula, Monrovia, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Glendora, Redondo Beach, and many others.

The new Franchise Agreement was developed to ensure compliance with recent State solid waste legislation. Starting January 1, 2022, businesses and multi-family complexes will receive bundled waste service (garbage+recycle+organics) much like the existing residential service, whereby separate garbage, recycling, and organics containers will be provided to customers. Residential cart service will see an approximate 34 percent reduction in collection rates, from the current $36.73 to $24.36 per month. A new service to provide quarterly collection of household hazardous waste (HHW) from homes will be available at no charge to all residents. In addition, residents in multi-family dwellings will now have access to free large-item disposal service.

Key provisions of the new Agreement include:

  • Start date of January 1, 2022.
  • 15-year term with provision for two five-year extensions at the option of the City.
  • SB 1383 compliance.
  • Bundled commercial and residential service (all recipients receive garbage, recycling, and organics service). Residents to add food waste to green waste cart.
  • Cash reimbursement to the City by contractor for cost of consultant.
  • HHW Home Collection Service (quarterly).
  • Street sweeping service to continue to be provided by waste hauler.
  • New provisions for multi-family and mixed-use developments that include large item disposal and use of “scout” truck to retrieve containers in difficult-to-access areas such as underground garages.
  • Three (3) free landfill disposal days a year, each allowing residents to drop off up to two vehicle loads of trash at no charge.
  • Two (2) times per year bulky item waste (large item) pickup.
  • Expanded service of up to 150 public area garbage and recycling waste containers, an increase from the current 70 garbage and 35 recycling containers now.
  • All new clean-fuel vehicles (vehicles to be powered with renewable natural gas or electric).
  • All residential carts to be new, with correct usage labeling meeting CalRecycle requirements.
  • Commercial bins to be new, or if in good condition, freshly painted.
  • All collection containers to utilize standard colors: blue for recycle, black/charcoal for garbage, green/brown for yard waste/mixed organics, and green with yellow lid or yellow for food waste only – and with correct usage labeling that meets CalRecycle requirements.
  • Contractor to offer employment to displaced workers at equal or greater salary.
  • Compliance tracking and reporting through online Waste Reporting System.
  • Performance metrics, accountability, and penalties.
  • Annual rate increases limited to any increase in the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) and capped at four percent.

March 9 Council Agenda, Staff Report

March 9 Council meeting minutes

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 FAQ - Solid Waste Contract

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