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  • People at booth

    Get Involved in Climate Action!

    July 2021. Approximately 80 Thousand Oaks residents shared their thoughts and ideas on potential Climate and Environmental Action Plan (CEAP) measures at the City’s event on July 10th at the Grant Brimhall Library. Attendees had options for ...

  • a map showing the areas in/around Thousand Oaks with high wildfire burn probabilities using a gray-yellow-orange-red color gradient to show probability; areas near the periphery of the city tend to be colored red and orange due to higher probabilities

    Building Climate Resilience in Thousand Oaks

    July 2021. The climate crisis will bring a number of environmental changes to the City of Thousand Oaks; the key ones being related to heat, precipitation, wildfire, and drought. These will impact some people’s lives more than ...

  • Green_home_future

    Reaching for Better Buildings

    July 2021. Building better buildings that reduce greenhouse gas emissions is within "reach" thanks to a key policy mechanism...

  • image of an asphalt street cracked and broken due to an earthquake

    Hazard Mitigation Efforts Saves Lives – Input Requested

    June 2021. The Cities and County of Ventura and over 20 other planning partners are preparing a countywide Hazard Mitigation Plan and need your input!

  • electric meter

    Conserve Energy, Save Money This Summer

    June 2021. Residents and business owners who want to help reduce their impact on the shared energy grid, and earn money doing so, can consider participating in the Clean Power Alliance’s Power Response Program or Southern California Edison’s Summer Discount Plan.

  • shows that teach, mark beckwith,

    Let’s Combine Family Fun and Environmental Action!

    June 2021. Bring the kids along and join us on Saturday, July 10th, at the Thousand Oaks library to share your thoughts on the strategies being considered for the City’s Climate and Environmental Action Plan (CEAP). An entertaining and educational children’s show, designed for elementary school ...

  • black biochar lying in a pile. the biochar looks similar to regular charcoal but is split up in small shards and pieces

    Charcoal for Your Garden? The Basics on Biochar

    June 2021. The soil amendment now known as biochar was first created by Indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin who used it to convert nutrient-poor tropical soils into fertile soils suitable for agricultural use.

  • Bulky items 3

    Bulky Item Pickup

    June 2021. What do you do with large items that you no longer have a use for?

  • Edible Gardens

    Learn How to Create an Edible Ornamental Garden

    May 2021. Edible gardens are rapidly growing in popularity. They combine beautiful outside landscaping with the benefits of growing food you can eat. People of all ages can participate, and kids love to eat things they have grown. Learn how edible flowers, herbs, ornamental vegetables and ...

  • 15 year water use chart

    Concerned about Climate Change? Help Us Take Action.

    May 2021: The City hosted the final Stakeholder Group meeting to discuss potential strategies to include in the City’s Climate and Environmental Action Plan. The focus was on water use, solid waste and recycling, and environmental quality of life issues. Emissions from water use primarily ...

  • Handful_Batteries

    Charge Ahead with Battery Recycling

    May 2021 - You may have noticed a common theme if you’ve read our paint and electronics blog articles: some household hazardous waste (HHW), such as these items, are recyclable. Batteries are no exception!

  • seven public servants/first responders stand solemnly in a park beside a bike with a large blue and white banner. they are standing in a line with one individual to the back left of the individual in front to commemorate those who were injured or killed while riding bikes on public roadways

    The Day is Near!! 14 Days ‘til the Ride of Silence 2021.

    May 2021. This will be the 13th year for the event in the City of Thousand Oaks. The Thousand Oaks Ride of Silence is part of a world-wide event uniting bicyclists globally in honoring those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways.

  • Basket_of_EWaste

    And the Fastest-growing Waste Stream is……

    April 2021. A collection of old cords and electronics somewhere in the house is an all-too-familiar occurrence for many of us.