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  • highway cleaning

    Sweeping Our Streets

    One of the things that makes the City of Thousand such a beautiful place to live and work is its cleanliness, including its streets and highways. Since 2012, City street sweeping has been provided by Venco Power Sweeping through our solid waste franchise agreements. Through this arrangement...

  • Greenmeadow Bike Path (1)

    No Better Time to Bike

    Southern California has seen its longest streak of good air quality in years this spring as the statewide Stay At Home order kept vehicles off the road. Many took to social media, posting breath-taking photos from their backyards of the clear air and bright blue skies during the...

  • Soda Cans

    Update Regarding Bottle & Can (CRV) Recycling

    As most of you are probably aware, you may need to hang on to your bottles and cans for a while before you can claim your deposit back. Many recycling centers are closed or operating on reduced hours. Alternatively, you can...

  • virtual library color logo

    Virtual Library – Anywhere, Anytime!

    Even though the libraries in town are closed for the time being, you don’t have to be without their resources. The whole family can obtain a...

  • garden

    A Great Time to Garden

    Many of our grandparents had a victory garden where they grew food during World War I and World War II. These gardens helped to ease the burdens of producing and transporting food, increased the supply of food when shortages occurred, and provided physical and mental health benefits by encouraging..

  • bottled water stock

    Bottled Water: Why Pay More for Less?

    One thing you don’t need to stock up on during the COVID crisis is bottled water. The multi-step treatment process used to treat drinking water for the City removes and kills viruses, including coronaviruses, through filtration and disinfection, using ozone and chlorine. So, rest assured, your drink

  • Cans & Bottles

    New Beverage Container Recycling Centers Open in Town!

    Have you been frustrated in locating places to turn in your bottles and cans since the closure of RePlanet’s recycling/redemption centers last August? If so, good news! Three new centers have opened in...

  • toilet

    Remember Your P’s: Pee, Poop & (toilet) Paper Only!

    Toilet paper hoarding is a significant problem with Covid-19, and a lack of toilet paper at the stores is leading some consumers to other options. Unfortunately, one of the choices people are turning to is “flushable or disposable wipes.” The only things that should be going down a toilet are...

  • medication bin

    Pharma-FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Proper Disposal of Medications, Sharps, and Inhalers

    Residents of the Conejo Valley often contact City staff about where to dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired medications. This is also the case for home-generated sharps such as needles, lancets, and auto-injectors. Here we provide the answers! The good news is...

  • induction stove

    Heating Things Up with Induction Stoves

    Have you heard of induction cooking but aren’t sure what it’s all about? If you’re not already looking for a new stovetop, you may be after reading this! Induction stoves offer excellent temperature control, are energy efficient, can lower your...

  • bee flower

    The Buzz on Our Busy Bees!

    Entire species of native bees and other pollinators, which are vital to the survival of most flowering plants and trees, are disappearing at an alarming rate due to loss of...

  • city car in charging station

    Getting Charged Up!

    The City of Thousand Oaks is helping you get charged up with some new electric vehicle chargers around town. A total of 21 new charging ports are now available at...

  • harrison trash carts

    Talking Trash, Again!

    If you’ve been following the news on waste and recycling over the past year or two, you’ll know that there have been some big changes as a result of the loss of...

  • Waste Management RecyclingTruck

    The City’s Solid Waste Ordinance and You!

    How the City deals with residents’ and businesses’ trash is governed by its Solid Waste Ordinance, which is contained in Chapter 2 to Title 6 of the Thousand Oaks Municipal Code. Previously amended in 2010, in January City Council approved a major update to the...

  • rainbarrel and watering plant

    February Rain Barrel Sale & Rebate Information

    Extend the rainy season at your home by using rain barrels to capture rainwater and using it to irrigate landscaping in dry periods. You will save both water and money. Even if we are fortunate enough to...

  • garden hose water LR

    The REAL Facts About California’s Water Regulations

    There have been several misguided posts on social media and websites stating that people cannot take a shower and do laundry on the same day. Let’s set the facts straight.

  • human element

    Free Screening of “The Human Element” by National Geographic Photographer

    National Geographic photographer James Balog shows viewers why we, as a society, can no longer turn a blind eye to the drastically changing world around us in his compelling documentary, “The Human Element”. This visually stunning film chronicles...

  • ev

    The Buzz on LA Auto Show’s Electric Vehicles

    California and the automobile are inextricably linked. When it comes to technology and transportation, it would be hard to find a place more impacted. It is no surprise, then, that...

  • eco wrapped gift

    Eco Gift Giving for Modern Times

    Racking your brain trying to figure out what to give your loved ones for the holidays this year? For those hard-to-buy-for relatives and friends, every year one is faced with taking a gamble when...

  • christmas tree

    Special Holiday Waste Collection Services & Schedule Changes

    With the holidays quickly approaching, keep these extra season perks and schedule changes in mind to ensure a smooth holiday season. There will be no waste collection service on...

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