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  • turf rebate graphic

    ‘Tis the Season – for Landscaping and Rebates!

    Will you make this the year that you switch to California-friendly landscaping? There are plenty of reasons to do that. For one - starting April 1, homeowners can qualify for...

  • rat

    Environmentally Conscious Rodent Control

    The winter season is a prime time of year for rodents to take up residence in your attic, garage or even under your car’s hood. When you have unwanted rodents on your property, poison is often the first solution that comes to mind. But most people don't realize the danger...

  • electric car charging

    Electric Cars Rev Up!

    More than 50% of new cars sold will be electric in 20 years says Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Why? Studies show that electric vehicles (EVs) are much safer, cost half as much to...

  • hazardous waste

    Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Drop Offs Made Easy

    Got household hazardous waste? Go online or download RecycleTO in the Google Play or Apple App Store to schedule a drop off appointment at the City’s...

  • new indy paper

    Paper Recycling 101

    It is hard to imagine daily life without the use of paper. From print media and books, to work reports, school work, and product packaging, we use paper every day at work, school, and at home. Although the digital age has brought...

  • burned house structure

    Fire Debris Cleanup – How’s it All Going?

    For many residents, the fires of November 9 are a distant memory, but unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. Thirty-eight properties within the City were...

  • wind solar clip art

    Clean Power Alliance – It’s not too late to make a choice!

    By now residents of Thousand Oaks will have received two mailers from Clean Power Alliance (CPA) about the new electricity provider available to City residents. If you missed those notices, it’s not too late, two more will be sent to you – one this month and...

  • green business

    Local Businesses Go Green!

    Green business certification is one of the best ways to lower costs, generate growth, increase employee engagement and provide a competitive edge within the eco-conscious Thousand Oaks community and...

  • cactus waterwise yard

    FREE – Landscaping classes from the experts!

    Tired of paying a high water bill? If you’re like most local residents, the chances are that 50-70% of your water is used for outdoor irrigation. Maybe it’s time to re-think your yard before...

  • sustainability

    Planning Our Energy Future

    Back in April, the City kicked off its Energy Action Plan (EAP) development with a community meeting. Residents shared their ideas and strategies to help achieve the City’s EAP goals. These ideas were used in...

  • solar

    Council says – Go Green(er)!

    When Thousand Oaks City Council voted to join Clean Power Alliance (CPA) last December, CPA was a fledgling organization. A year later the Community Choice Energy provider is gearing up to provide clean power to...

  • public surplus auction items

    Public Surplus Auctions: A Win-Win Situation

    If your home or business needs to save money when looking to buy items such as electronics, office supplies and furniture, some of the first places that come to mind include...

  • mulch leaves

    Tree Care and Mulch

    California’s recent drought has caused many changes to our landscape. Homeowners have been encouraged to let their lawns “sleep”, “go gold”, or be replaced with more drought tolerant and environmentally-friendly alternatives such as...

  • plastic bottles

    Legislative update on plastic: Fighting the consequences of a material world

    You may have heard the phrase, “the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” (Ben Franklin). If “poor quality” were replaced with “environmental impact” would that...

  • electric car charging

    Need to Charge Up? Help us get EV Ready!

    Are you an Electric Vehicle (EV) owner or thinking of buying one soon? If so, please help Thousand Oaks plan for its EV future by completing this survey. Almost half of the one million EVs that have been sold in the United States are in...

  • LED bulb

    Energy benchmarking – There’s a law for that??

    California’s AB 802 is a new energy benchmarking and public disclosure program for nonresidential and multifamily buildings. Energy benchmarking is the process of...

  • plastic bag in ocean cropped

    Bag it – or Not!

    Most curbside recycling collection systems and processing equipment are designed to separate rigid materials like...

  • sierra mountains pic from discovery center

    Climate Change – Our Water Resources

    We know that climate change is happening throughout the world but how much do we know about its impacts on us? Most of the projections that we hear refer to...

  • colored medication pills Medium

    National Drug Take Back Day is Sat, October 27

    Twice yearly, Sheriffs’ departments across the U.S. participate in National Drug Takeback Day to educate the public about the potential for abuse of medications and provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of medicines and prescription drugs. The next event is...

  • cistern

    Are You Ready for a Rainy Day?

    The City of Thousand Oaks has three cisterns that can each capture up to 7,600 gallons of rainwater from the roof of the Newbury Park Library. These cisterns reduce the amount of...

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