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  • city car in charging station

    Lease a new car for less than $40/month?

    April 2021: Have you seen headlines about leasing a new car for less than $40 per month and wondered if they were true? Or have you seen the recent article with a headline about an Electric Vehicle (EV) owner only taking seconds to charge their car and wondered if that was possible? Get the answers

  • clean air graphic lawnmower leafblower car HR

    Water, trash, recycling, and environmental quality of life issues

    April 2021: For Earth Day, pledge to join us online on April 28 from 6:00-8:00 pm to help develop local solutions to climate change. This meeting will cover water, solid waste, and recycling, as well as environmental quality of life issues.

  • Old_Paint_Cans

    Where do I take my paint and what happens to it at the end of its life?

    April 2021: Wherever you live, chances are you have a can of paint somewhere in your home. When the time comes to get rid of it...

  • TOT Transit

    The Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round and ‘Round

    The Public Works Division's transit specialists answers some key questions on the state of public transportation in Thousand Oaks and discusses what its future direction will be.

  • Precipitation map for water year 20/21

    A quarter of our normal rainfall; sure is looking like a drought!

    March 21: Are we in a long-term megadrought or new drought? Are mandatory water conservation measures returning? Is it time to let our lawns go brown? California was hot and dry in 2020. We only received 3.25 inches of rainfall this year. We are preparing for potential drought restrictions by ...

  • Thumbnail-Stakeholder_Mtg#3_Poll_Results_Energy_Measures

    Gas or No Gas? Emissions from Energy Use in Buildings

    March 2021 - Electrification of buildings was a hot topic of discussion at the third Climate and Environmental Action Plan (CEAP) Stakeholder Meeting held on March 24th.

  • Athens_truck_exterior

    Trash Transition

    March 2021 - Starting January 1, 2022, expect to see some new trucks around town...

  • Heat_pump_schematic

    The Low-down on Heat Pumps

    March 2021: Heat pumps are a hot topic in the movement to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by avoiding the use of natural gas for heating. This is called “decarbonization”. But what exactly are heat pumps, and how might you use them?

  • Backyard

    Who needs all those irrigation controllers, sprinklers, and drip tubes?

    March 2021: About 18 months ago, I landscaped our front and back yards and replaced all the irrigation controllers, valves, sprinklers, drip tubes, bubblers, and connecting hoses with a new type of water-saving irrigation system. The new system is safe from roughhousing kids and dogs and ...

  • Unicycle elderly riders iStock-1164020270

    Share Your Ideas on Driving Down Vehicle Emissions

    February 2021: Half of the City’s Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) come from our vehicles. In fact, a recent article noted the City of Thousand Oaks has the second-highest auto insurance rates in California. The report states that one of the reasons why Thousand Oaks has one of the highest rates ...

  • SolarPanelInstall

    Solar and Battery Incentives for Residents

    February 2021: Did you know that you may be able to operate autonomously at your home during power outages by installing a solar system and battery? And as a bonus, you are eligible for thousands of dollars in incentive money from the federal government and SCE. Find out how much you qualify for ...

  • high thermometer

    Thousand Oaks 20 Year Forecast: Droughts, Floods, Extreme Heat

    January 2021: Participants in the City’s first Climate and Environmental Action Plan stakeholder meeting in January learned about expected changes in Thousand Oaks' over the next 20 years. Key changes include an extra 8-10 days per year above 95 degrees and more droughts and more floods ...

  • RecycleTO_Screenshot

    RecycleTO Metrics: Let’s Get This Party Started!

    February 2021: Trash day calendar reminders, a recycling search tool, and household hazardous waste appointment scheduling all in a simple, free, and easy-to-use app...

  • MicrogridGraphic

    The City's First Microgrid

    February 2021: Did you know that much of the electricity used to treat your wastewater at the City’s Hill Canyon Treatment Plant (HCTP) is generated onsite from renewable resources?

  • TO GP - Current land use

    Choose your Future City: Thousand Oaks 2045

    January 2021: The Thousand Oaks we enjoy today is a result of the vision of our community and its leaders...

  • GHG graphic for CEAP blog

    Climate Planning in the City – Get Involved!

    January 2021: Thousand Oaks is now developing its Climate and Environmental Action Plan (CEAP), and provided an update report to Council this week on community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and engagement plans. The CEAP will detail the...

  • appliances home

    Free Appliances, Home Improvements, and Clean Vehicles

    January 2021: Did you know that you might be able to receive appliances, home improvements, or even a clean vehicle for free? Southern California Edison (SCE) and Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) provide energy and...

  • christmas

    Special Holiday Waste Collection Services and Schedule Changes

    DECEMBER 2020: With the holidays quickly approaching, keep these extra season perks and schedule changes in mind to ensure...

  • LED lighting library

    New Lighting at Grant R. Brimhall Library

    DECEMBER 2020: Even though you can’t visit just yet, the City just finished installing new lighting at Grant R. Brimhall Library which is now bright and ready for your return! Other than the book stacks, all of the interior light fixtures and lamps have been replaced with LEDs. Compared to the...


    ‘Tis the Season for Sustainable Gift Giving!

    DECEMBER 2020:The holiday season is in full force all around us. As you and your family prepare for a jolly (albeit nuanced and socially distanced!) holiday, don’t forget to add an eco-friendly touch when gifting. Here are some...

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