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    Protect Pets - Break the Poison Chain

    SEPTEMBER 2021: Pictures of dead or sick mountain lions poisoned by rodenticides frequently make the news, but they are not the only animals affected. According to the Pet Poison Helpline, rodenticide poisoning is one of the most common types of poisons they deal with in pets.


    Scootering Around Town

    September 2021. Electric scooters (e-scooters) have become the preference for many people since they make the riding experience fun, easy, quick, and comfortable. But sometimes it can be confusing understanding where it’s legal to ride them in town.

  • a hand reaching to pick up a transparent plastic water bottle on the beach while the sun is setting in the background

    Coastal Cleanup Day 2021

    September 2021. Coastal Cleanup Day is an annual community volunteering event dedicated to removing trash and plastic pollution from beaches, inland waterways, parks, and other open spaces throughout the state.

  • person mowing grass

    Turf Rebate – NOW $3.00 Per Square Foot!

    August 2021. Now you can get up to $3.00 a square foot to help you convert your lawn. Visit to determine your eligibility.

  • image of a pile of circuit boards from recycled electronic devices

    E-Waste Recycling Spotlight: PC Recycle

    August 2021. One of the local recycling options available to residents and businesses for e-waste handling is Newbury Park e-waste recycler, PC Recycle. The company is the only California state-certified e-waste recycler in Ventura County.

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    New IPCC Report Calls for Bold Climate Action Efforts

    August 2021. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a dire warning to the world in a new report, stating that "unprecedented" environmental changes have occurred. Strong and sustained reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases could limit future climate change.

  • map of Thousand Oaks with all the park areas displayed in green and areas out of a 10-minute proximity to a park displayed in purple

    Access to Parks in Thousand Oaks

    August 2021. To all of us who love this community for its open space and access to recreation, it will likely come as no surprise to learn that more than four fifths of Thousand Oaks’ residents live within a ten-minute walk of at least one of the City’s 122 parks.

  • an electrically powered mountain bike with a dark gray body

    E-Bikes: A Modern Ride for Every Rider

    July 2021. Over the past year, bicycle sales have skyrocketed as people have looked for alternative modes of exercise and transportation, or simply sought ways to get out while safely social distancing.

  • People at booth

    Get Involved in Climate Action!

    July 2021. Approximately 80 Thousand Oaks residents shared their thoughts and ideas on potential Climate and Environmental Action Plan (CEAP) measures at the City’s event on July 10th at the Grant Brimhall Library. Attendees had options for ...

  • a map showing the areas in/around Thousand Oaks with high wildfire burn probabilities using a gray-yellow-orange-red color gradient to show probability; areas near the periphery of the city tend to be colored red and orange due to higher probabilities

    Building Climate Resilience in Thousand Oaks

    July 2021. The climate crisis will bring a number of environmental changes to the City of Thousand Oaks; the key ones being related to heat, precipitation, wildfire, and drought. These will impact some people’s lives more than ...

  • Green_home_future

    Reaching for Better Buildings

    July 2021. Building better buildings that reduce greenhouse gas emissions is within "reach" thanks to a key policy mechanism...

  • image of an asphalt street cracked and broken due to an earthquake

    Hazard Mitigation Efforts Saves Lives – Input Requested

    June 2021. The Cities and County of Ventura and over 20 other planning partners are preparing a countywide Hazard Mitigation Plan and need your input!