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  • elec meter2

    More on Electric Bills

    Are you one of the many residents who has not received an electric bill lately or has experienced delayed billing? The City has received information that Southern California Edison (SCE) has encountered several issues with...

  • Cans & Bottles

    California Refund Value and Local Beverage Container Recycling

    The California Refund Value, or CRV, is a state regulatory fee created to promote the recycling of aluminum, plastic, glass, and bimetal beverage containers. At the time of sale, consumers are charged...

  • beach bus

    Summer Beach Bus Service is Here!

    Want to take a ride to the beach and don’t feel like driving? Do your teenagers need a safe, inexpensive way to get to the beach this summer? Save gas and wear and tear on your car by...

  • automatic sprinklers

    Summer Watering - Healthy Trees and Healthy Lawns

    Are you using the same sprinklers for your trees and your lawn? Relying on the same type of system for both will lead to...

  • clean energy film

    Film Screening of Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution

    Can we make enough renewable energy to supply the world and replace fossil fuels? How will we do that, and will we do that? These are the questions that...

  • Ants

    The Ants Come Marching In!

    As the weather warms up, you may notice the ants come marching in. Proven home remedies are an effective, low-cost, and environmentally sensitive approach to managing these pests. A University of Stanford study found it’s futile to use...

  • HHW Transport Packaging Box

    Safe and Clean: Guidelines for Transporting Hazardous Waste

    If you live in Thousand Oaks or an unincorporated area of Ventura County, chances are you’ve heard that you may bring your household hazardous waste (HHW) to the City’s collection facility. But - did you know that...

  • poisoned CAT

    Sad Reminder About Rodenticide Use

    We are saddened to hear about the recent passing of one of our local mountain lions. You may have seen articles in...

  • water booths

    Arbor Earth Day 2019 a Success!

    Approximately one thousand attendees enjoyed themselves at the 2019 Arbor/Earth Day and attended workshops, checked out the booths, and played games. There were a number of fun activities, and multiple people won...