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    Half of the Severe Air Pollution Health Issues in the US Are in CA!

    There are two main components of air quality that affect health. One is particulate matter and the other is ozone. Particulate matter are particles less than 2.5 micrometres in size that can remain suspended in the air for a long time. These small particles can lodge deep in the lungs and cause...

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    Now is a great time to consider going solar. A solar photovoltaic system not only provides renewable energy, but also saves you money over...

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    California Wildfire Air Quality Health Effects: How to Protect Yourself

    Six of the largest 20 fires in California (by acreage) are currently burning, and over three million acres have burned already this year. This total far surpasses the 1.96 million acres occurring in 2018, the highest annual total since...

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    Don't Despair, REPAIR!

    If you are like most people, when your laptop or cell phone gives you the “black (or blue) screen of death” or is no longer functioning properly, you are probably inclined to replace it (and hopefully dispose of it responsibly as e-waste). When a household appliance breaks you might...

  • coastal cleanup

    Coastal Cleanup Day All Month Long

    Do you have a special place in the natural environment where you go to hike, recreate, or just relax and take in the natural beauty? Maybe your own neighborhood provides such a location. You could help to preserve this spot, wherever it is, by conducting your own trash cleanup in celebration of...

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    Sustainability in the City

    The role of the environment is well-established in the historical development of the City, and the preservation of the region’s natural beauty, flora and fauna have long been a priority. There are strong interrelationships between the...

  • bike donations

    Donate a Gently Used Bike to a Teen in Need

    The Conejo Recreation and Park District’s (CRPD) Youth Outreach Program has been working tirelessly to meet the needs of a number of teens who are dealing with a variety of challenges in their lives including the loss..

  • FIRE

    FireWise Landscaping and Home Defense

    As California’s population and temperatures continue to grow, so does the likelihood of devastating wildfires. The ten mostly costly wildfires in U.S. history have all occurred in California — the top two in...

  • Green Household

    The City’s Carbon Footprint and YOU – Part 2

    Last month, we described the City’s carbon footprint and broke it down into its sources. About half the climate warming emissions from our community come from driving. That’s a larger part than even our energy (electricity and gas) use. We gave some tips on how to cut...

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    City Expands Public Access to Recycling Containers

    If you’ve visited some of the City’s civic sites or used our transit system recently, you may have noticed some shiny new recycling bins around town. Thanks to grants provided by CalRecycle and the Federal Transit Administration, residents will now have access to both recycling and trash disposal...

  • Green Bikelanes WLB

    The City’s Carbon Footprint and YOU - Part 1

    Significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are needed in the next decade and beyond to prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change. You probably know of some sources of GHG emissions, such as fossil fuels used to power vehicles and generate electricity. But did you know...

  • Mask waste

    COVID Cleanup: Discarding Masks and Gloves

    The unprecedented challenge the COVID-19 pandemic has caused worldwide has fundamentally changed the way we communicate, learn, meet, and conduct business. The use of PPE (personal protective equipment) such as...

  • Climate

    Climate and Environmental Planning for the City – Help us!

    The City is developing a Climate and Environmental Action Plan (CEAP) in conjunction with its General Plan and we need your help. The goal of the CEAP is to...

  • plastic coffee cup

    Single-use Disposables: Convenience at a Cost

    What are single-use disposables? Single-use disposables (SUDs) are goods that are designed to be disposed of after a single use. These include items like plastic utensils, napkins, straws, and various take-out food or drink containers. SUDs represent a significant...

  • state drought water

    Drought, Megadrought, or No Drought?

    Recent articles about drought conditions in the western states may at first appear contradictory. In mid-April of this year, a scientific study led to a flurry of articles including one by Forbes "US Drought Could Last A Century As We Now Enter A Megadrought, Study Finds." The study suggested a...

  • food donation

    Food Insecurity, Recovery, and Donation

    “Eat everything on your plate. There are people starving in the world”. Maybe you heard this, or some version of it, growing up. You might have scoffed at it. The availability of nutritious food is something...