Residential Energy Programs and Financing

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Thousand Oaks residents have a lot of opportunity to start saving energy in their homes. The Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance (VCREA) operates an Energy Resource Center to connect Ventura County residents with tips, programs, and services to help them save money and energy. VCREA also provides one-on-one phone consultations to help local residents identify available resources and programs they may qualify for. Contact VCREA at (805) 289-3335 or email them at

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Also check out our tips for saving energy in your home during the hot summer months and beyond. 


No-Cost Home Energy Consultation

emPower Ventura County 

emPower Ventura County provides no-cost, on-site, home energy evaluations with an emPower Energy Coach to qualifying local homeowners of single-family detached homes. During this one-hour home visit, the Energy Coach will conduct a complete walk-through to help homeowners identify factors in their home affecting health, comfort and energy efficiency. The Energy Coach will then help the homeowner prioritize potential projects and connect them to rebates, financing and local contractors. emPower works with the Statewide program Energy Upgrade California to find additional incentives, financing and rebates for energy improvements. Find out more by calling (805) 654-3834.

Southern California Edison

Personalize your energy savings with SCEs free Home Energy Advisor. It begins with a detailed analysis of your household energy use, provides customized recommendations on ways to save and serves as a valuable tool, tracking your progress, updating your actions, and illuminating your savings. The SCE Home Energy Guide offers tips for saving energy. Sign up for these free services and start your customized savings program today.

Energy Upgrade California

Energy Upgrade California is your one-stop-shop for home improvement projects that lower your energy use, conserve water and natural resources, and make your home healthier and more comfortable. Visit the website to plan your upgrade projects, locate participating contractors and find rebates and incentives.

Cool California helps you estimate your carbon footprint and provides links to rebates offered by local utilities, state programs and private institutions.


Income Qualified Programs

Lower income households in Ventura County may qualify for free home energy repair services and home energy rate assistance programs for their utility bills. These programs are available to qualified homeowners as well as renters.

Weatherization and Home Energy Repair

Community Action of Ventura County can save qualified homeowners and renters/tenants up to 40 percent on utility bills, depending on the home, simply by improving energy efficiency. This can be done by replacing windows, weather-stripping doors, adding insulation, minor home repairs and installing more efficient appliances and products. Find more information on Community Action's website at

Energy Rate Assistance Programs

If you're having trouble making ends meet, you might be eligible for a rate program that could help you save on your gas and electricity bill. The California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program provides income-qualified customers with much needed bill relief. To learn more, visit Southern California Edison and the Southern California Gas Company  (SoCal Gas) website, and search "CARE".

Comprehensive Manufactured (Mobile) Home Program

SCE and SoCal Gas have partnered with Synergy Companies to offer energy-saving products and services for light fixtures, low-flow shower heads, and pipe-wrap through the Comprehensive Manufactured (Mobile) Home Program. If you're ready to get started, contact Synergy Companies at 1-888-988-9829 to schedule a free evaluation of your mobile home. An energy specialist will come to your home to identify opportunities for you to save, and provide free supplies and installation to help you make your energy upgrades.


Renewable Energy and Efficiency Financing

The PACE Program

The Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program is an innovative tool for financing energy efficiency, water conservation and clean energy projects on private property. Residential and commercial property owners in Thousand Oaks can secure loans under this program. Billing for the loans will be assessed on their County property tax bill.

PACE-assessed debt is tied to the property, not its owner. Therefore, the repayment obligation can be transferred if the property is sold.  In most cases, this program helps property owners make improvements that add significant resale value to the property. The improvements themselves are very low cost, since terms and rates are generally very favorable. Risk is also low. Homeowners are entitled to a financial disclosure page before they sign an agreement. They also have a three-day period in which to cancel the agreement.

Although California was the first, 31 states and the District of Columbia have now passed PACE-enabling legislation for financing energy improvements. Once State laws are in place, city governments select the PACE financing providers to work within their jurisdictions. Providers have different eligibility criteria and terms; therefore, interested parties are encouraged to compare providers to choose the package that's right for them.

The PACE financing providers that are authorized within the City of Thousand Oaks include:

  1. Energy Efficient Equity, Inc.
  2. BlueFlame PACE Services, LLC (for businesses and nonprofits)
  3. GreenPACE Capital
  4. OnPACE Energy Solutions, LLC
  5. PACE Equity, LLC
  6. Samas Capital, LLC (for businesses)
  7. Structured Finance Associates, LLC
  8. Twain Community Partners II, LLC

emPower Home Upgrade Loans

The emPower Central Coast program, mentioned at the top of this page, connects residential property owners with direct unsecured loans from local credit unions for energy saving improvements. Unlike PACE, loans through emPower are not tied to property tax bills. Therefore, these loans help fill the gap for residents who have personal credit, but no qualifying home equity to use as a lien asset for the PACE program. emPower has partnered with the Ventura County Credit Union to offer unsecured loans with low rates and flexible terms up to 15 years in order to achieve manageable monthly costs.


Energy Saving Resources

Energy Star: Save Energy at Home

Clean Power Alliance

 The City of Thousand Oaks is a member of the Clean Power Alliance which helps provide clean renewable electricity to your home. More information at this link.


Greenhouse gas emissions from energy use in buildings