Reducing energy use and utilizing clean, renewable power are top priorities for the City. After transportation, energy use in buildings is the next largest contributor to climate-warming greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in California, generating 37% of the State’s annual emissions.

100% Renewable Electricity is the Default for Everyone in Thousand Oaks

Since the start of 2019, Clean Power Alliance (CPA) has been providing clean renewable energy to residents and businesses in Thousand Oaks. The default is 100% renewable energy but CPA also has a choice of programs at different renewable content and price points. SCE delivers this power, sends the bill, and is responsible for infrastructure and equipment, electricity service and customer service. Customers can opt out of CPA and return to SCE-provided electricity by clicking here.

Help Paying Your Bill

There are a number of programs available to income-qualified customers, from rate discounts to payments plans and beyond. Click here for rate assistance resources.

Going Solar and Installing Battery Storage

CPA and SCE both offer online platforms (EnergySage and Electrum) that make going solar easy. These platforms research and compare bids from pre-screened, local installers that propose on your solar and battery storage projects all in a single, easy-to-use online tool without the need for sales representatives to visit your home.

Energy Efficiency and Electrifying Your Home

Upgrading your home's energy-efficiency is a way to reduce your energy costs while improving the comfort and health of your living spaces. To get started on upgrading your home, click hereIf you're interested in making the switch to an all-electric home visit The Switch Is On for information about efficient electric appliances for your home including a helpful tool for financial incentives!

Attention All DIY-ers! 

If you're interested in some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) energy saving tools you can check out a DIY Home Energy Savings Kit today from the Thousand Oaks Library.