Sustainability Plan

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The Sustainability Division of the Public Works Department has created a Sustainability Plan. The Plan was approved by City Countil on June 19, 2018. Click here to view the Sustainability Plan.

This plan was motivated by the desire of City Council to support and lead efforts towards creating a clean, efficient, environmentally friendly, fiscally-responsible, and sustainability-focused City. Towards this end, the plan details actions that will establish the City as a sustainability leader while incorporating new advances in technology, assisting the State in meeting its ambitious sustainability goals, and preparing for anticipated future direction of State legislation. This plan is organized around areas under the direct control of local government, and provides strategies that will make municipal operations more sustainable through improved efficiencies, reductions in energy and water use, an increase in renewable energy generation and resilient energy supply, a lessening of landfill waste, and better environmental quality. A follow-on plan is scheduled for development of communitywide sustainability strategies.