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The City's Sustainability Division, also known as the “Go Green” Team, is within the Public Works Department. We have initiated extensive environmental programs and built new green facilities. We have also won numerous Awards & Recognition for environmental leadership. For an overview of the City’s climate and sustainability initiatives, download this document.

Our mission is to reduce resource (energy, waste, water) use in municipal operations through analysis, planning, and implementation of sustainability strategies. To develop and implement community climate action and resilience plans for community-wide environmental, economic and social benefits.

The City has embarked on an internal greening process, analyzing data to make sure all City facilities are running as sustainably as possible. This process has resulted in the publication of a Sustainability Plan.

Connect With Us and Go Green
The City of Thousand Oaks wants to help you Go Green. We produce a monthly e-newsletter and weekly news feed and update our social media channels to keep residents informed about the latest environmental news, events, and programs.