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False reports of a boil-water order. There was, and is, no such order in effect.


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  • Tree Care and Mulch

    California’s recent drought has caused many changes to our landscape. Homeowners have been encouraged to let their lawns “sleep”, “go gold”, or be replaced with more drought tolerant and environmentally-friendly alternatives such as...

  • Legislative update on plastic: Fighting the consequences of a material world

    You may have heard the phrase, “the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” (Ben Franklin). If “poor quality” were replaced with “environmental impact” would that...

  • Need to Charge Up? Help us get EV Ready!

    Are you an Electric Vehicle (EV) owner or thinking of buying one soon? If so, please help Thousand Oaks plan for its EV future by completing this survey. Almost half of the one million EVs that have been sold in the United States are in...

  • Energy benchmarking – There’s a law for that??

    California’s AB 802 is a new energy benchmarking and public disclosure program for nonresidential and multifamily buildings. Energy benchmarking is the process of...

  • Bag it – or Not!

    Most curbside recycling collection systems and processing equipment are designed to separate rigid materials like...

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