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  • Newly Signed Bill Aims to Eliminate Harmful Rodenticides

    Much to everyone’s dismay, anti-coagulant rodenticides have been showing up in the news all too often as the cause of death of local wildlife such as mountain lions, bobcats, and hawks who prey on rodents as a food source. Unfortunately...

  • Plastics Recycling

    OCTOBER 2020: The development and widespread use of plastics over the last 60 years has fundamentally changed the way we live. From food and beverage packaging, medical supplies, sporting equipment, to a never-ending list of...

  • Sustainability and the General Plan

    OCTOBER 2020: As part of its General Plan update the City held a GPAC (General Plan Advisory Committee) meeting on September 24 on the topic of Sustainability. For those who couldn’t make it to the live session the agenda, presentation, and...

  • Half of the Severe Air Pollution Health Issues in the US Are in CA!

    SEPTEMBER 2020: There are two main components of air quality that affect health. One is particulate matter and the other is ozone. Particulate matter are particles less than 2.5 micrometres in size that can remain suspended in the air for a long time. These small particles can lodge deep in...

  • Solarize!

    SEPTEMBER 2020: Now is a great time to consider going solar. A solar photovoltaic system not only provides renewable energy, but also saves you money over...

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