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  • Equipment Upgrades at Gold Coast Recycling Improve Efficiency

    The world of recycling has changed dramatically throwing residents and trash companies into a period of adjustment. Most significantly, China has gone from receiving nearly all our recycled goods for decades to tightening restrictions to the point of...

  • Zero Waste Lunch Tips

    Schoolchildren recently started back to school toting sandwiches wrapped in plastic bags along with bags of chips, yogurt, napkins, plastic forks, juice boxes, cans and water bottles stuffed into paper bags. Health wise, economically, and environmentally, however, these lunches leave a lot to...

  • California CRV Recycling Program

    The closure of RePlanet’s bottle and can recycling centers in the City has caused inconvenience for those residents who relied on these centers for redeeming their beverage containers. Unfortunately, this means that many residents will need to...

  • It May Be the Best Time to… Go Solar!

    Although “Yesterday!” may be the answer to the question “When is the best time to go solar?”, there’s no better time left than now! The Investment Tax Credit (ITC), also known as the Federal Solar Energy Tax Credit, that allows one to deduct 30% of the...

  • Delayed Electric Bills

    Are you one of the many residents who has not received an electric bill lately? The City has received information that Southern California Edison (SCE) has encountered issues with...

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