Graffiti Removal

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Report Graffiti

What is the City doing about Graffiti?

Graffiti hurts communities and impacts business. Studies show that quick removal of graffiti is an effective crime prevention tool. The City’s objective is to remove graffiti within 24 hours after being reported. Annually the City removes approximately 800 incidents of graffiti.

Graffiti Tracking Program

Recently, the City implemented a graffiti tracking and intelligence system that has been successfully implemented in cities throughout California. The system is used by the Public Works Department and the Police Department to facilitate coordination between enforcement and cleanup. Tracking graffiti helps to identify graffiti “hot” spots and target specific incidents. When a vandal is prosecuted the cost of removal for each incident he/she is responsible for can be more easily identified allowing the City to recover the costs.

What to do if you see Graffiti in Thousand Oaks

Please use our app to send in a removal request!

Private Property

The City, upon request, removes graffiti from private property free of charge. Before removing graffiti a hold harmless waiver must be signed by the property owner or authorized representative. Property owners that choose to remove graffiti themselves have five business days to complete the removal.

Graffiti in County Areas

Public Works crews do not remove graffiti in unincorporated County areas of the City. If graffiti is found outside City limits, the County is notified.

Graffiti on Freeways

Public Works crews investigate the 101 and 23 freeways for graffiti on a daily basis. If graffiti is found the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) is notified.

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