Reclaimed Water

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The Hill Canyon Wastewater Treatment Plant (HCTP) produces high quality reclaimed water on a daily basis which meets stringent regulatory requirements for its beneficial reuse.

After receiving advanced tertiary treatment, HCTP's effluent is discharged into the Arroyo Conejo Creek, then flows to the Calleguas Creek.  It continues  its journey down the Calleguas Creek toward Mugu Lagoon where it sustains important flora and fauna habitat.  A large percentage of the water is diverted from the creek and pumped into ponds where it is distributed to reclaimed water users.

Reclaimed water has substantial regional benefits by reducing groundwater pumping and preventing sea water intrusion in the Oxnard Plain.

The City receives approximately $600K-$700k annually in reclaimed water sales.

HCTP discharges a daily average of 8 million gallons of reclaimed water. HCTP effluent meets all criteria for unrestricted reclamation. The California State Legislature has declared that the state shall undertake all possible steps to encourage the development of water reclamation facilities so that recycled water is available to help meet the state's growing water requirements.  The City and HCTP support that goal every day with its innovative and economical reclaimed water system.

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