Lighting & Landscaping

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What is the Landscaping & Lighting Assessment District?

The Landscaping & Lighting Assessment District (LLAD) is a special assessment area within the City that funds maintenance of the City's 27,000 street trees, medians, graffiti removal, weed abatement, streetlights, and traffic signals. The City also has an active Weed Abatement Program. A recently completed LED Lighting Project placed on City Traffic Signals is part of the City's effort to be energy efficient. To learn more about the City's efforts to create a master plan for tree planting citywide, please visit the Forestry Master Plan Project Page

Who pays for it?

Property owners within the LLAD are assessed as part of their annual property taxes collected by Ventura County. While nearly all properties are assessed for lighting, only 40 percent of properties are assessed for landscaping.

How is it organized?

There are 39 different landscape maintenance zones throughout the City. The funds collected from property owners in a zone can only be used to benefit that same zone. Since landscape maintenance costs can vary widely for one part of the City to another, each zone is assessed a rate commesurate with the costs for maintaining that zone.

How much is it?

Assessments for both lighting and landscaping are set every June for the following fiscal year. The average Thousand Oaks household pays $155.00 per year for landscape maintenance and $13.52 for lighting.

How much am I assessed every year?

Each of the 39 zones are assessed a unique rate. To figure out how much you pay, access your property tax bill online by entering your address. The line item labeled "T.O. LIGHTS & IMPRVMTS" is the LLAD portion of your property tax bill (refer to sample to the right).

For public tree trimming, removals, or any tree-related requests, please contact the Municipal Service Center at, 805.449.2499.