A Top Priority for the City and its Residents

Traffic is a top priority for our residents and the City is working to make the best traffic decisions by targeting improvement projects that matter most. 

When a developer builds in Thousand Oaks, they pay Traffic Impact Fees (aka Traffic Mitigation fees) to help the City get ahead of projected traffic issues. This is done by looking at traffic congestion, land use, development type and other factors. The City leverages these fees to make improvements to minimize the effects of the additional traffic. 

Improving our Measurements

The City looked to subject-matter experts at Kimley-Horn Planning and Willdan Engineering to help us re-evaluate the way we measure a project’s traffic impact. In response to their findings, we have updated our measurement system to one that better reflects actual congestion—in areas that residents care about most. This new best-practice helps to ensure that we direct City resources to where they need to go, so traffic can flow more smoothly.

A New Fee Structure

In alignment with the improved system, the City is updating its developer’s fee structure. Because we are identifying the traffic impacts of new development types more precisely, the new fees will reflect which developments contribute most to traffic. For example, multi-family/accessory dwelling unit fees would decrease, and office development would increase.

Developer Information

Developers, Real Estate professionals and business associations can request an in-person presentation on the new fee structure and ask questions of City staff by emailing Transportation Planner Kathy Naoum or calling (805) 449-2416.