2022 ATP Grant Applications

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 Local Road Safety Plan, 2021

Caltrans Design Information, Bikeways


ATP Cycle 2022

Lynn Road

Lynn Road is a 14-mile primary arterial connecting the northeast and southwest corners of the City and is a principal route to access the US 101 freeway. Lynn Road is striped with a Class II, buffered/standard bike lanes except on the Lynn Road Bridge over U.S. 10; the road is striped with two to three travel lanes in each direction, a raised median, and a posted speed limit of up to 50 MPH. The bike lane gap on the bridge makes it challenging for bicyclists to cross the freeway, and there is no fencing on the west side. A sidewalk exists only on the east side of the bridge. The pedestrian path diverges from Lynn Road to The Oaks Shopping Center and future apartments via a tunnel north of the freeway interchange. The pedestrian path is too narrow to be considered a bikeway. 

According to a Ventura County Sheriff’s Department deputy, Lynn Road is one of the top roadways for issuing speeding tickets in Thousand Oaks. From 2015 to 2019, 39 collisions occurred due to speeding on the stretch from US 101 southbound on-ramp to Hillcrest Drive.  

The project scope includes installing a separated bike lane (Class IV) in both the north and southbound directions on the Lynn Road Bridge, installing a safety fence along the west side of the bridge, modifying the northbound on-ramp signal to prohibit turns when bike signal is on, installing a crosswalk across the south leg of Lynn Road at Hillcrest Drive, installing rectangular rapid flashing beacons at the US 101 southbound on-ramp crosswalk.    

The project benefits include:

  • Reduced bike collisions
  • Increased pedestrian safety
  • Increased bicycle ridership citywide 

Thousand Oaks Local Roadway Safety Plan Photos- Lynn Road

Hillcrest Drive

Hillcrest Drive is a 7.5 miles secondary arterial that runs east/west and is the longest continues east/west street in the City. All but a very few sections of Hillcrest have sidewalks on both sidewalks on both sides of the street and a striped bike lane. In all but one section, Hillcrest Drive is a two-lane road except for a one-mile segment between Lynn Road and Moorpark Road with a posted speed limit of 45 mph. This section is directly adjacent to two major shopping centers: The Oaks Regional Mall and the Janss Marketplace. 

The project would construct a sidewalk on the north side of Hillcrest Drive, adjacent to The Oaks between Lynn Road and McCloud Avenue, approximately 1/3 of a mile in length. The sidewalk would connect residents from the surrounding areas, including apartments, townhomes, single-family homes, 55+ condominium communities with retail, including grocery shopping, Hillcrest for the Arts, and the Conejo Recreation and Park District offices. 

The project benefits include:

  • Increased pedestrian safety
  • Increased walkability in the area

Thousand Oaks Local Roadway Safety Plan- Hillcrest Drive