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Road Design and Construction Standards

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Road Standard Plate Index

Complete Road Standards Booklet

1. Standard Design and Construction Criteria                       
Plate No. 1-1 Forward                        
Plate No. 1-2 General Notes & Definitions  
Plate No. 1-3 Materials Testing
Plate No. 1-4 Road Design  
Plate No. 1-5 Asphalt Surfacing

Plate No. 1-6

Drainage Design
Plate No. 1-8  Traffic Control
Plate No. 1-9 Traffic Signals,  Striping & Street Trees
Plate No. 1-10 Trench Requirements & Stormwater BMPs
2. Road Cross Sections                        
Plate No. 2-1 Standard Primary Road Controlled Access
Plate No. 2-2 Standard Secondary Road Controlled Access
Plate No. 2-3 Standard Secondary Road Limited Access
Plate No. 2-4 Standard Industrial & Commercial Road Low Traffic Volume
Plate No. 2-5 Standard Collector Road
Plate No. 2-6 Standard Residential Minor Road
Plate No. 2-7 Standard Residential Loop & Cul-de-Sac
Plate No. 2-8 Standard Collector Road for Hillside Developments
Plate No. 2-9 Standard Residential Minor Road for Hillside Developments
Plate No. 2-10 Standard Residential Loop & Cul-de-Sac for Hillside Developments
Plate No. 2-11 Standard Rural Road
Plate No. 2-12 Alternate Rural & Cul-de-Sac Hillside Developments
3. Road Design Standards            
Plate No. 3-1 Standard Cul-de-Sac Type I                        
Plate No. 3-2 Standard Cul-de-Sac Type II
Plate No. 3-3 Standard Road Intersection “L” Shape
Plate No. 3-4 Standard Gated Access
Plate No. 3-5 Standard Superelevation Guidelines
Plate No. 3-6 Standard Superelevation Transition
Plate No. 3-7 Standard Superelevation of Compound Curves
Plate No. 3-8 Standard Vertical Curves
Plate No. 3-9 Standard Stopping Sight Distance on Horizontal Curves
Plate No. 3-10 Standard Stopping Sight Distance Requirements at Intersections and Driveways
Plate No. 3-11 Standard Taper for Left Turn Lane
Plate No. 3-12 Standard Parabolic Flares
Plate No. 3-13 Standard Median Islands
Plate No. 3-14 Standard Median Island Sections
Plate No. 3-15 Standard S-Islands
4. Storm Drain Standards
Plate No. 4-1 Storm Drain Standards            
5. Pedestrian Access Ramp Standards            
Plate No. 5-1 Standard Curb Access Ramp - Attached Sidewalk            
Plate No. 5-2 Standard Curb Access Ramp - Detached Sidewalk  
Plate No. 5-3 Standard Curb Access Ramp Transition - Attached to Detached Sidewalk  
Plate No. 5-4 Standard Curb Access Ramp Notes and Ramp Corner Installation  
6. Driveway Design Standards
Plate No. 6-1 Standard Driveway Grades and Design Criteria
Plate No. 6-2 Standard Residential Driveway  
Plate No. 6-3 Standard Commercial Driveway  
Plate No. 6-4 Intersection - Type Commercial Driveway In 5’ Parkway  
Plate No. 6-5 Intersection - Type Commercial Driveway In 10’ Parkway  
7. Traffic Design Standards
Plate No. 7-1 Standard Sign Specifications
Plate No. 7-2 Standard Sign Measurements
Plate No. 7-3 Standard Advance Road Name Guide Signs
Plate No. 7-4 Standard Crosswalk Markings
Plate No. 7-5 Standard Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal
Plate No. 7-6 Standard Intersection Road Name Sign
Plate No. 7-7 Standard Intersection Road Name Sign Location
Plate No. 7-8 Standard Locations of Signs at Intersection
Plate No. 7-9 Standard Location of Signs on Right Side of Roads
Plate No. 7-10 Standard Location of Signs in Median Islands
Plate No. 7-11 Standard Temporary Barricade Cut-of-Wall
Plate No. 7-12 Standard Lane Drops
Plate No. 7-13 Standard Guide Marker Spacing On Curves
Plate No. 7-14 Standard Green Bile Lane Markings  
Plate No. 7-15  Standard  Speed Humps  
Plate No. 7-16  Standard Speed Cushions  
Plate No. 7-17  Standard Speed Cushion Details  
8. Miscellaneous Standards            
Plate No. 8-1 Standard Bus Turnout            
Plate No. 8-2 Standard Concrete Curb & Gutter, Median Curb, A.C. Berm  
Plate No. 8-3 Standard Sidewalk Construction, Scoring, Cross Slopes  
Plate No. 8-4 Standard Cross Gutter  
Plate No. 8-5 Standard Placement of Utilities Within Street R/W  
Plate No. 8-6 Standard Location of Fire Hydrant in Detached Sidewalk Areas  
Plate No. 8-7 Standard Location of Fire Hydrant in Monolithic Sidewalk Areas
Plate No. 8-8 Standard Sidewalk Mailbox Extension Details  
Plate No. 8-9 Standard Extension Details to Existing Sidewalk  
Plate No. 8-10 Standard Electrolier Location  
Plate No. 8-11 Standard Street Lighting  
Plate No. 8-12 Standard Intersection/Street Lighting Layout  
Plate No. 8-13 Standard Utility Trench Compaction Specifications  
Plate No. 8-14 Standard Trench Repair Within Paved Right of Way  
Plate No. 8-15 Standard Traffic Control Chart
Plate No. 8-16 Standard Traffic Control Notes
Plate No. 8-17 Standard Tree Planting and Staking Detail  
Plate No. 8-18 Standard Trench Plating Detail
Plate No. 8-19 Standard Trench Plating Detail Notes
Plate No. 8-20 Standard Concrete Curb Core
Plate No. 8-21 Standard Utility Cover Adjustment Detail  
Plate No. 8-22 Standard Utility Cover Adjustment Notes  
Plate No. 8-23 Standard Bus Stop Seat Installation  
Plate No. 8-24 Standard Bus Seat Installation 2  
Plate No.25 Standard Bus Seat Installation Notes  

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