Wastewater Pipe, Stormdrain & Maintenance Hole Lining Project

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What is the City Doing?

The City maintains approximately 415 miles of wastewater pipelines, 8,300 maintenance holes and 350 corrugated metal pipe storm drains & culverts. This project will rehabilitate approximately four miles of wastewater collection pipeline, 100 maintenance holes and 1,500 linear feet of storm drain pipes and will take place on streets and easements throughout Thousand Oaks. Truck CI - 5219 (4)

Where will the City be doing this and what will be the impact?

Pipe and maintenance vicinity  & location maps and storm drain corrugated metal pipe lining vicinity & locations maps are provided.  Prior to any work being done, homeowners near the project locations will be notified.  Residents will be asked not to run water down their drains for several hours during the lining installation in their neighborhoods.

Why is the City doing this?

This project is part of an ongoing program for lining existing damaged wastewater pipelines and maintenance holes to reduce the quantity of water entering the wastewater system.  In addition, the storm drain corrugated pipes and culverts lining is necessary to prevent flooding of streets and improve safety of roadways.  Other  benefits include preventing further deterioration of the collection system, reducing groundwater infiltration, and avoiding more expensive rehabilitation techniques in the future.

When is the City doing this work and how long is it going to take?

The design portion of the project was completed in April 2017. Construction is scheduled to start by Summer 2017 and will take approximately seven months to complete.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact Dan Lazo, Public Works Project Manager at or call (805) 449-2443 for specific questions.