Restriping Lanes Citywide

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cyclist and pedestrian safety

Numerous environmental, health, and economic benefits are attributable to bicycling and walking, especially as substitutes for travel by motor vehicle. It is the goal of these projects to improve pedestrian and cyclist access throughout the city, on roads that currently have excess vehicle capacity. 

Click on the streets below to learn more about each restriping project. Opportunities for community feedback will be posted within each project. If you'd like to learn more about bicycle safety and the Active Transportation Plan for the city, please click here.


These paving projects will be presented before City Council on December 14, 2021. A link to the agenda will be posted here when it becomes available. 

Staff recommendations are as followed: 

Hillcrest Drive  Staff is in the process of seeking additional feedback from the Oaks Mall and Janss Mall management groups, as well as other local businesses.  

Reino Road

Staff is recommending restriping Reino Road from four lanes to two lanes, in order to be able to introduce new buffered bicycle lanes to improve overall roadway safety. The buffered bicycle lane would be dropped prior to the intersection of Reino Road and Borchard Road, and the two thru lanes and left turn lane would at that intersection would remain.

Via Las Brisas Staff is not recommending restriping Via Las Brisas from four lanes to two lanes. Instead, the roadway will be restriped to create a small buffer zone between number two travel lane and existing bike lane (both directions) by reducing the width of the Number one and two travel lanes to 11 feet wide each, and the  bike lane to be seven feet wide. The remaining width to be provided to buffer lane between vehicular travel and bike lane.   

For further information, please click through each tab below. 

Hillcrest Drive: Moorpark Road to Lynn Road
Reino Road: Borchard Road to Maurice Drive
Via Las Brisas: Borchard Road to Lynn Road