The Citywide Street Overlay and Pavement Resurfacing Project will help the City preserve and extend the life of our Roads and Streets, which are one of the community’s most essential and critical assets. 

Much like any big renovation, there is a substantial amount of prep work required to get to your neighborhood ready for pavement resurfacing.  The multi-step process include different types of work performed by a variety of specialty contractors, including crack fill, dig outs, localized repairs, curb & gutter replacement, new ADA curb ramps and grinding.  These activities will take place over the duration of the project, which will ultimately conclude with the pavement resurfacing, as well as striping and adjustment of utility covers. 

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work hard to meet the community’s goal of having high quality roadways!


Wondering when we may be in your neighborhood?  

You will receive an advanced notice at your home 1 week prior to the multi-step repair work being done on your street, and no parking signs will be placed along the affected areas with specific work dates listed. Access to your street should be provided during repair phase, but access to your property may be intermittently blocked when the repair operation is in front of your driveway. Then, 48 hours prior to any full road closures, which is required for the placement of the final resurfacing materials, barricade signs will be placed on your street with parking and driving date restrictions listed. Please know that there will be break between the multi-step repair and final resurfacing operations and no parking/ driving signs will be posted a minimum of 48 hours prior to each operation.


For additional information, please contact us at yourstreets@toaks.org or via the project hotline at (805) 449-2487