Meadows Reservoir Emergency Repairs (CI 5663)

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In February 2022 the City Council: 

  • Found the physical condition of the Meadows Reservoir as an emergency.
  • Authorized staff to procure consulting engineering and construction services, up to $670,000 expenditure from Water Capital Fund, to fully assess Meadows’ structural integrity, the extent the damages, and the available repair options to bring the reservoir to a safe operational state.

The authorized work includes:

  • Removal of some portion of the reservoir’s concrete roof panels to relieve the loading on the stressed portions of the reservoir structure.
  •  Geotechnical investigation to determine the subgrade condition under the reservoir concrete floor.
  • Structural analysis based on the newfound information to determine the extent of the damages, the risk factors, and the urgency of performing the required repairs.

Upon completion of investigative and remedial work, staff will report back to City Council with the required subsequent steps and the scope of required repairs.