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Lynn Rd

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Lynn Road Sound wall Study Update- November 2018

Lynn Road Sound wall Phase I (MI 2215) – Final Noise Study

Project Description


The City is planning to conduct final noise measurements to confirm the location of the proposed soundwall along Lynn Road.  Based on the requirements of the Dos Vientos Specific Plan EIR approved in 1987, this final noise study is necessary to identify properties on Blackwood Street that are backing to Lynn Road where noise levels generated by traffic volumes at the project build-out stage exceed 65 dB.    The full occupancy of the last large tract in Dos Vientos is now complete and the development is built-out.

Project Time Frame

The City’s acoustical sound consultant will be measuring noise levels along Lynn Road in Spring 2019.   A draft report of findings is expected by Summer 2019.  Once the location of the eligible soundwall has been reviewed and concurred by the residents, the City will hire a consultant to prepare plans, specifications, and estimate by 2020, with construction starting in late 2020 or early 2021. 

Project Funding

The preliminary cost of Phase I including the noise study and preparation of plans is $200,000.  The preliminary construction phase cost is $1,000,000.  The project is funded by Dos Vientos Developer Fees.

Project Benefits

The construction of the soundwall along Lynn Road will reduce the noise levels for the eligible properties on Blackwood Street that exceed 65 dB.                                 

Project Map and Impacts

Nosie Measurement Locations-rev. Oct 31 2018 

Temporary lane closures during non-rush hour periods are expected. We will be notifying residents of these impacts via changeable message signs, project identification boards, and through social media.  

Additional Project Information

Environmental Information:





EIR Supplemental

Questions may be directed to Mike Tohidian, Project Manager at or 449-2516