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Lang Ranch Reservior

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Project Description

Located at 2237 Peak Place, near some residential properties, Lang Ranch Reservoir is a 4.9-million-gallon steel tank constructed in 1977. Over the years, the interior of the reservoir is showing more rusting that may cause structural deficiencies and was second on the priority list to undergo repair/retrofit work as identified in the Reservoir Seismic Evaluation/Structural Retrofit Report (Phase I). This project will remove and replace interior and exterior coating, which will include miscellaneous structural repairs and modifications.

Project Time Frame

Construction has begun on the project and is currently scheduled for completion in May 2019.  

Project Funding

This project is funded by Water Funds and estimated to cost approximately $1,609,300.

Project Benefits

The proposed coating replacements will provide corrosion protection thus improving water quality and the retrofit will minimize damage if seismic event is to occur.

Project Map and Impacts

CI 5291_Location Map

During construction, there may be some temporary traffic along Peak Place from the contractor’s crew and some minimal noise coming from the generators used onsite. Construction hours are from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Please note that right now, and for the next 3.5 weeks during the painting phase of the project, generators will be needed and run 24 hours a day.

Additional Project Information

For questions or concerns, please contact Roner V. del Castillo at or call (805) 449-2396.