La Granada Pump Station

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CI 8082 La Granada Pump Station Project

Project Description:

The project includes the construction of a new pump station and discharge pipeline at the existing La Granada Reservoir site and access road, and installation of 2,800 feet of new water pipeline along La Granada Drive, from Hood to Erbes.

Project time Frame:

Construction is anticipated to start in May 2020 and be completed by May 2021, to be followed by rehabilitation of the La Granada Reservoir in Summer/Fall 2021

Project Funding:

This project is being funded by the City’s Water Capital Fund Budget.

The requirements of this proposed pump station:

The existing Wilder Reservoir is located on the east side of the City water service area at the end of Wilder Street. The Wilder Reservoir provides water to the Wilder Service Area about 825 customers. The Wilder Reservoir is also the supply source for Grissom No. 1 and No. 2 reservoirs which serves about 160 customers.

Reason No.01: An existing pump station (Lone Oak) that provides water to the Wilder reservoir, is the only supply source to that reservoir, and in a case that it is out of service, there is no secondary supply source. This new pump station will serve as the secondary supply source for Wilder reservoir.

Reason No.02: The Wilder Reservoir is deficient in fire flow storage.  With installing a fire pump at the new pump station, the excess storage in La Granada Reservoir, will provide for the needed fire storage at Wilder.  The La Granada Reservoir site is where the new pump station will be located.

Project maps and impacts:

During construction, there may be some temporary traffic impacts along Mountain Crest Circle, Conejo School Road at the Intersection of Conejo School Road and Ranch View Place, as well as along La Granada Drive Erbes Road to Hood Drive. Any no parking signs needed will be posted 48-hour advance. Horse trails and hiking trails inside the construction zone will be closed during construction to ensure  public safety. Temporary water shut downs may be required, and will have 48-hour advanced notifications. Residents may experience minimal noise impacts coming from contractor’s crew and construction equipment, including generators.

Construction hours are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Please note that generators may need to run 24 hours a day.

La Granada Pump Station ten inch waterline      Proposed La Granada Pump Station

*During construction, portions of the Ray’s Way, La Granada, and Dapple Gray Trails in the Hillcrest Open Space area will be intermittently closed. The intermittent closures are anticipated to start July 18 and may occur for approximately one (1) year. Signage will be placed on the affected trail sections to advise users of these closures. Notice of closures will be posted onsite and on our website 48-hours in advance. Please check back regularly for updates.*

Additional Project Information:

For questions or concerns, please contact Chandani Gunasekara at or (805) 449-2461.

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