Janss Road Utility Underground District Project

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 Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 1.41.52 PMProject Description

In 1993 the City Council adopted a Utility Undergrounding Master Plan that identifies the top priority arterial roadways with above-ground utilities to be placed underground. Janss Road is the #4 Priority project on that list and is the highest remaining project yet to be started. Southern California Edison (SCE) will use Rule 20A Program credits collected from ratepayer to fund a majority of the project. The Janss Road UUD is primarily an SCE managed project, with City assisting with outreach and the undergrounding of the associated telephone and communication lines.

Project Timeframe

On December 14, 2021, the City Council voted to approve the formation of the Janss Road UUD. The project will enter the design phase in 2022 to develop final project plans by SCE and the telecom companies. Once all project plans have been completed a final construction time-frame will be developed, which is anticipated to be 2023. This website will be updated for more information as it becomes available and will work closely with all affected property owners.


Approximately $1.9 million in CPUC Rule 20A work credits has been secured to fund this SCE project. No property assessments will be required for this project. Additional funds, if required, will be provided from the City’s Utility Undergrounding Budget.

Project Highlights and Benefits

  • Increased safety 
  • Enhanced aesthetics 
  • Improved pedestrian and ADA access 
  • Limit future tree topping 
  • Increased reliability 

Project Map Area

janss road underground project map

janss road underground project map 2

Project Impacts

This project will be completed in phases to accommodate the installation of the new underground electric, telephone and communication systems, and conversion of existing service feeds from overhead to underground, followed by the eventual removal of the overhead utilities. Impacts will include:

  • Periodic lane closures during construction along Janss Road.
  • Conversion of private service connections from overhead to underground.
  • Nearly all utility boxes, switches, and transformers will be placed underground.
  • Residents and businesses nearby will be notified of construction activity or closures in advance.

Additional Project Information 

Contact Information:

City of Thousand Oaks: Grahame Watts, Project Manager, gwatts@toaks.org or (805) 449-2453

Southern California Edison: Andrew Scott, Rule 20 Project Manager, andrew.scott@sce.com