Hillcrest Drive Bike Lane and Pedestrian Improvements (CI 5682)

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Project Description

The project is located on Hillcrest Drive between Moorpark Road and Lynn Road. The work includes: 

  • Conversion of travel lane #3 (outside lane) in each direction to a Class IV bike.
  • Construction of an incomplete sidewalk segment on the north side of street from McCloud Ave. to Lynn Rd

Project Timeframe

  • Project Approval and Environmental Document- 2023

  • Final Design- Early 2024

  • Grant Allocation and Authorization- Mid 2025

  • Construction- Late 2025

  • Project Completion- Late 2026

Budget and Funding

The total project budget is $2,890,000. The current budget consist of $2,783,800 grant funding and $106,000 City funds:

hillcrest road funding graphic

Project Highlights

  • Restriping of the roadway will install Class IV separated bike lane on both sides of the roadway and provide a safer route for cyclists. 

  • Installation of the incomplete sidewalk will provide the neighborhood pedestrians connectivity and improve pedestrian safety. 

  • This project will improve safety since Hillcrest Drive is currently the City’s fourth highest bicycle collision segment with 22 collisions in a five-year period of 2013 through 2017. 

Project Area 

Concept Map 

Project Impacts

  • The project will convert the lane #3 (outside lane) in both direction into Class IV (protected) bike lanes. 

  • The conversion along this portion of Hillcrest Drive is feasible due to excess vehicle capacity for the volume of vehicles served as this segment has a roadway vehicle capacity of 55,300 vehicles/day (VPD) with a current average daily traffic volume of 19,000 VPD. 

  • The conversion of one travel lane to Class IV Bike Lane in each direction results in a remaining roadway capacity of 36,800 VPD, which is more than ample to serve existing and future traffic volume projections.  

Current Status

Currently, this project is pending federal fund authorization and award of design services agreement.


Masoud Razavi, Project Manager


(805) 449-2454