Landscape Demonstration Project

Updated on 06/14/2018 5:18 PM

    Construction of the five demonstration sites is complete!

Forestry Master Plan Enters New Phase
After a series of surveys and neighborhood meetings exploring community preferences, now the City has completed construction on its five landscape Demonstration Sites. Located in center medians throughout the community, each water-friendly site will compliment its specific sub-region and integrate landscape elements favored by neighborhood residents.

Why Demonstration Sites?
Our community values a healthy, attractive and vibrant community forest. The Forestry Master Plan provides a detailed blueprint for public landscaping that is visually appealing, water friendly, and able to thrive in local conditions. Demonstration Sites bring the plan to life and let the City and residents experience first-hand what works and where adjustments need to occur.

What's Next?
The work on the  Demonstration Sites started in March 2019 and construction was completed July 2019. The City welcomes input from residents on potential adjustments and will consider ways to bring the project to scale.

Additional Project Information

For questions or concerns please contact Elaine Camia at or call (805) 449-2448.

About the Updated Landscape Master Plan FMP Logo

Results of the City's Visioning 2064  project and continued drought conditions challenged the City to update its 1989 Forestry Master Plan. This revised document applies to City-maintained street trees and plantings that are located within the public right-of-way, such as medians, parkways, and easements. It does not address privately maintained trees or plantings, although private property owners may find the plans to be useful resources