CI 5592 - Retroreflective Backplate for Traffic Signals

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Project Description 

The City prepared a Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) for the purpose of improving commuter safety in Thousand Oaks. Through the development of the LRSP, the data analysis indicated that collisions at thirty-five signalized intersections could be reduced by adding retroreflective backplates to the existing traffic signal heads. 

The Retroreflective Backplate Project will install retroreflective backplates at thirty-five existing signalized intersections. The yellow retroreflective borders of the backplates will make signal heads more visible and conspicuous in both daytime and nighttime conditions, which increases the operational safety of a signalized intersection. Additionally, during a power outage, this treatment can increase the road user’s awareness of a dark signalized intersection and should be treated as an "all-way stop" controlled intersection. 

Project Timeline 

The construction is anticipated to start in January 2024 and be completed in Spring 2024.  


The estimated total project cost is $217,000 and is included in the adopted FY 2023-24 Capital Improvement Budget. The total cost will be mostly offset by Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant in the amount of $123,300.  

Project Benefits 

  • Improve the visibility of the traffic signals 

  • Improve public safety 

  • During a power outage, this treatment can increase the road user’s awareness of a "dark" signalized intersection  

Project Map 


Project Manager:

Saeed Zolfaghari, PE 

Associate Engineer