Construction Projects

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The City  is responsible for maintaining approximately 380 miles of streets, one of our largest infrastructure assets.  Every year a variety of street capital improvement projects are undertaken.

All projects are prioritized in conformance with the City's General Plan, Federal/State mandates and local community standards. Construction projects that impact the community are posted on the City website and are routinely included in City Scene, the City's monthly newsletter. Those projects expected to impact the community are posted and updated on a regular basis. Below is a current list of City projects.


Forestry Master Plan Landscape Demonstration Sites

Located in center medians throughout the community, each water-friendly Landscape Demonstration site will compliment its specific sub-region and integrate landscape elements favored by neighborhood residents.

Lynn Rd

The City is planning to conduct final noise measurements to confirm the location of the proposed soundwall along Lynn Rd per the Dos Vientos Specific Plan.

Conejo Creek Waterline Rehabilitation Project

The City is working on a replacement and in-place rehabilitation of a 1300-foot portion of the Conejo Creek Waterline.  

Wastewater Pipe and Maintenance Hole Lining Project 

The wastewater pipe and maintenance hole lining project will rehabilitate approximately 14,000 linear feet of wastewater collection pipeline, and 59 maintenance holes.

Lang Ranch Reservoir

Lang Ranch Reservoir was built in 1977 and is in need of repair. The City will be removing and replacing interior and exterior coating, as well as other structural repairs. 

Conejo School Road/Willow Lane Sidewalk and Bike Lanes Project

The City will be constructing new sidewalks, curb ramps and bicycle lanes along Conejo School Road and Willow Lane. Design of the project is ongoing, with Construction scheduled to begin Spring 2019.

Rancho Road Sidewalk and Bike Lanes Project

The City will be installing a sidewalk, curb ramps and re-striping bike lanes along Rancho Road. A traffic signal will also be installed at the 101 Freeway northbound on/off ramps to improve vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle safety

Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signals Project

The City is in the process of installing Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signals at multiple intersections to improve traffic flow.

Thousand Oaks Blvd Streetscape Project

The City is in the process of identifying proposed improvements intended to better signify the downtown Thousand Oaks Blvd. area to enhance the general appearance and to provide a more pedestrian friendly environment. Visit the Streetscape Project Page for more details.

Groundwater Recovery Project

The City has completed a study of the feasibility of Groundwater within the Conejo Valley as an alternative to imported water for irrigation and potable use.

Conejo Creek North Park Equestrian and Bike Path Improvements

The works includes the construction of approximately 450 feet of paved bike path adjacent to an improved equestrian trail, with a short section of approximately 250 feet of shared concrete pavers pathway, between the north end of Conejo Creek Park North and Avenida de Las Flores, just east of the 23 Freeway overpass.

Recently Completed Projects

Citywide Street Overlay and Resurfacing Program

The City is responsible for maintaining approximately 380 miles of streets, one of our largest infrastructure assets. Performing regular maintenance is critical and this year we will be able to expand the program due to a one-time City Council allocation. To learn more and see project updates, visit the Preserving Your Streets Project Page.

Westlake Sidewalk Improvement Project

The Westlake Sidewalk project provides for the installation of new sidewalks, curb ramps, crosswalk striping and the modification of existing bike lanes. Construction is scheduled to start by Spring 2018

Wastewater Pipe, Stormdrain & Maintenance Hole Lining Project

The City has an ongoing program for lining damaged wastewater pipelines and maintenance holes. This project will rehabilitate approximately four miles  of wastewater collection pipeline, 100 maintenance holes and 1,500 linear feet of storm drain pipes. This project has been completed

Avenida de Los Arboles and Big Sky Drive Intersection Improvements

In order to improve public safety and provide additional protection, the City of Thousand Oaks will be installing a median and timber guardrail at Avenida de Los Arboles and Big Sky Drive. This project has been completed

Borchard Road Drainage Improvements

This project provides for the cleaning of storm drains and the construction of four storm drain maintenance holes on Borchard Road and one storm drain maintenance hole on private property.  This project has been completed.

Haigh Road Storm Drain Improvements

The Haigh Road Storm Drain System is more than 50 years old and in need of improvements. The goal of this project is to install a storm drain culvert within the existing channel to stop the existing wall from failing and to establish a structurally sound solution.

Thousand Oaks Blvd Undergrounding Project

The City coordinated the removal of approximately 1.5 miles of overhead wires and 53 poles along Thousand Oaks Boulevard, from Duesenberg Drive to Westlake High School at Via Merida. Phase 1 and 2 of the Thousand Oaks Blvd Undergrounding project began in March 2016, and was completed in March 2017 under budget. Phase 3, which will complete the final sidewalk restoration activities along the Boulevard, was carried out during the Summer of 2017. This project has been completed.

101 Freeway/23 Interchange Improvement Project

This project is funded with $20.81 million in state and federal grants and is supported by a $12.02 million loan from the City.  The Route 101/23 Interchange Improvement Project This started in March 2014 and took approximately two years to complete. This project has been completed.

Forestry Master Plans Project

The goal of the  Forestry Master Plans project is to complete a comprehensive update of the 1989 Forestry Master Plan and create a Landscape Master Plan for City-maintained trees and plantings in the public right-of-way. This project has been completed

North Moorpark Road Sidewalk and Bike Lane Improvements Project

The North Moorpark Road Sidewalk project will provide for the installation of sidewalk and bike lane improvements along the North Moorpark Road corridor from West Olsen Road (South) to the Conejo Valley YMCA (North).

Spalding Street Storm Drain and Channel Repair

Construction of a storm drain inlet, pipe and outfall, curb, gutter and sidewalk on the east end of Spalding Street.