Timeline of City's Involvement

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July 1, 2016              Cal Am files 3-year rate case with CPUC

January 17, 2017     Public Participation Hearing– testimony by City Representative

January 24, 2017     City Council meeting –update report

February 13, 2017   Direct Testimony – by Public Works Director Jay Spurgin submitted to CPUC

March 15, 2017        Casa Conejo MAC – presentation byCity Representative

March 29, 2017        Rebuttal Testimony – by Public Works Director Jay Spurgin submitted to CPUC

April 25, 2017           City Council meeting –update report

May 2-12, 2017         CPUC evidentiary hearings – in San Francisco

June 6, 2017             Opening Brief – by City's outside Counsel submitted to CPUC

June 20, 2017          Reply Brief – by City's outside Counsel submitted to CPUC

August 18, 2017      Settlement agreement between Cal Am/City of Coronado filed with CPUC

September 18, 2017  City comments on Cal Am/Coronado settlement filed with CPUC

September 19, 2017 City Council meeting- update report

October 2017                   Anticipated draft rate case decision from CPUC

Recently, Cal Am customers received a letter notifying them of an upcoming CPUC Public Hearing taking place on October 30. The City would like to clarify that this hearing is concerning a different rate case than the one that is noted on this web page and that the City of Thousand Oaks has been fighting. This case is about the profit margin Cal Am (and all other large private water companies in California) are able to include in rates.  Their proposal under this “Cost of Capital” rate case would result in an increase of 1.33% for the average residential water customer (using 18 hcf/month).  This type of rate case happens every 4 to 5 years.  The public hearing was set by the CPUC in Los Angeles since it is a state-wide case. If you have questions or concerns regarding the details of the case noted in the letter, please contact Jay Spurgin, Public Works Director

November 1, 2017          Letter to Cal Am from City of Thousand Oaks

November 2017              Comments on draft rate case decision due 30 days later

November 27, 2019       Proposed Decision by the CPUC on Cal Am's 2016 General Rate Case was issued

December 17, 2018       Final decision denying Cal Am's request for consolidation, etc

Spring/Summer 2018     Anticipated final rate case decision from CPUC

March 2019                      Advice Letters filed

April 11, 2019                   Advice Letters reviewed by staff and final rate increases announced