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July 28, 2016           “CalAm clients fed up with surcharge” (TO Acorn)

August 3, 2016      Letters “CalAm’s rate increase not justified” (TO Acorn)

January 12, 2017    “Judge to hear feedback on rate hike” (TO Acorn)

January 18, 2017    “Residents lambast proposed water rate hikes” (VC Star)

January 19, 2017     “Residents: ‘Heck no’ to hikes” (TO Acorn)

January 19, 2017      Editorial “CalAm’s proposed rate increase indefensible” (TO Acorn)

February 9, 2017     “Council pledges $100K to fight water rate hikes” (TO Acorn)

March 9, 2017         Letters “PUC needs to know opinions about CalAm” (TO Acorn)

March 9, 2017         “Water rate hike on Casa Conejo agenda” (TO Acorn)

May 4, 2017            “Rough waters” (TO Acorn)

May 11, 2017           Letters “Hoping PUC sees through CalAm sham” (TO Acorn)

September 20, 2017 "TO encourages residents to voice concerns with state about planned water rate hikes" (VC Star)

September 28, 2017 Editorial "Don't stay silent on Cal Am rate proposal" (TO Acorn)

September 28, 2017 "Join the city in fighting Cal Am's rate hike" (TO Acorn)

December 12, 2018 "Cal Am Water hits snag in plan for 32.1% hike" (VC Star)

April 18, 2019            "CalAm-ity avoided" (TO Acorn)

April 20, 2019   "Steep water rate increase averted" (VC Star)