Safe Passage

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Since 2014,  Safe Passage has been contributing to a positive change in reducing gang activity and violent crime, while improving the quality of life for residents living in the affected multi-family communities in Thousand Oaks.

Safe Passage, a partnership between the Thousand Oaks Police Department and Conejo Recreation and Park District, is committed to eliminating gang-related crime by stopping gang recruitment and the replenishment process among at-risk youth.


This free program focuses on two densely populated micro-communities characterized by a high concentration of gang recruitment and crime.  The program assists the target community’s youth population in navigating through the critical gang recruitment and grooming years (ages 5 through 12).  Safe Passage uses many of the gang’s own proven recruitment pillars, however Safe Passage focuses on filling the void for youth and supporting families in a safe and productive way.



The program focuses on providing free after school education and recreation opportunities. Safe Passage utilizes a four-pronged approach and offers appealing and enriching alternatives to gang involvement and recruitment. 

Safety   •    Literacy   •   Mentoring  •    Community


Safe Passage staff includes: Deputy Sheriffs, School Resource Officers, Youth Explorers, Conejo Recreation and Park District (CRPD), mentors, high school students, librarians, as well as California Lutheran University (CLU) professors, college students and youth interns.


The Safe Passage program costs are between $900 and $1000 a year per child. The program provides continuity of passage from first grade until middle school, with a cumulative investment of about $6,000 per child. More importantly, a non-Safe Passage youth with six or more gang offenses over his or her lifetime imposes $4.2 to $7.2 million in costs on society and the victimsThe program is funded through the generous contributions of the local community. If you are interested in contributing to the program please contact 

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