Owner Applied Number "OAN" Program

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In an effort to deter crime, a program has been developed whereby farmers, ranchers, rural businesses, and commercial businesses can be assigned a 5-digit identification number, which is unique to each property owner. This number is combined with a five-digit FBI number (CA056) to create a ten digit Owner Applied Number (OAN), e.g. CA0560000M.

Owner Applied Numbers are meant for use on large equipment, such as farm machinery, trailers, etc. They can also be applied to commercial business equipment; such as construction, rental yard or landscaping equipment. Residential belongings, such as electronics, appliances, sporting goods, cameras, tools, etc. are best marked with the owner’s California Drivers License number, e.g. A1234567 CA.

These OAN’s, and correlating property ownership information, are entered into a Sheriff’s Department computer database, which allows property owner data to be retrieved immediately by law enforcement personnel. Stolen property marked with an OAN is entered into a national database, which is accessible by law enforcement throughout the United States.

OAN’s serve two basic purposes:

  • By placing an OAN sign at each entrance of rural property, we can immediately establish owner information. We can then contact the owner or agent to clarify or notify them of any suspicious or criminal activities.

  • Marking valuable property with the ten-digit OAN not only discourages theft, but also enables law enforcement to identify and return the property in the event it is stolen. Identifiable property is crucial to the successful prosecution of thieves.

Business owners can apply for an Owner Applied Number by calling the
Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Rural Crime Unit at 805-477-7029 or 805-477-7000.