Business Watch

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Local businesses can learn crime prevention techniques through the Business Watch Program offered by the Thousand Oaks Police Department Intelligence Led Policing Unit. Some features of the program include:

  • Open lines of communication to create an effective crime-fighting team
  • Merchants can learn a number of crime prevention techniques to reduce the opportunities for crime in their businesses.
  • Business owners become familiar with the resources available from the Thousand Oaks Police Department.
  • In the near future, merchants who register with the program will be eligible for the following services:
    • Crime Alert – Local merchants will receive E-mail notifications of various crimes that have occurred in their area, or that are germane to a particular type of business.
    • Publications and Crime Prevention Tips
    • Training for Merchants and Employees-Topics: Burglary Prevention Robbery Prevention and Protocol, Building Security, Merchandise Display and Layout, Personal Safety, Shoplifting Prevention

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    For further information on the Business Watch Program, contact the Thousand Oaks Police Department Intelligence Led Policing Unit via email or  (805)371-8362. Please fill out the form below to apply for the program. Farmers, ranchers, rural businesses, and commercial businesses can participate in the Owner Applied Number (OAN) Program to help protect their property.