False Alarms

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False Alarms

Many businesses and residents throughout the City have purchased and installed private burglary alarm systems to secure their premises. When a quality alarm system is properly installed, maintained and used, it helps protect the owners and occupants of the premises from injury or loss and contributes to overall crime prevention in the community. When alarm systems are of inferior quality or are not maintained or used properly, they are a threat to community safety and the safety of its police officers. City Ordinance 918-NS defines and discusses regulations regarding the use of burglary and robbery alarms within the City. 

The Thousand Oaks Police Department responds to approximately 2900 alarm calls per year and 99.6% of these are false alarms. Most false alarms are not caused by a mechanical problem with them alarm system but rather by those who use the system.

1. Avoid False Alarms and the fees associated with them by:

  • Training each person who will use the alarm system
  • Knowing how to cancel a false activation- have your alarm company's contact info handy
  • Check all doors and windows before setting the alarm
  • Don't block beams and motion detectors
  • Be sure there is no movement in motion detected areas- this includes pets and objects
  • Maintain the system- back up batteries don't last forever

2. Register your alarm system

Reduce False Alarm Fees and improve our public safety services. Complete your alarm registration application by clicking HERE. All alarm users are encouraged to register their alarm system for each property that utilizes a Police alarm system. Unregistered systems are subject to higher false alarm incident response fees. The fee schedule for false alarms, Fee # LE-02, is available online at:

Completed applications can be emailed to or mailed to City of Thousand Oaks. Attn.: Finance. 2100 E Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, CA. 91362

 For additional information about false alarm billing or the alarm registration program, please contact the City of Thousand Oaks' Finance Public Services Division at 805-449-2201 or email