Community Resource Centers

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Thousand Oaks Police Resource Center
2100 East Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Telephone: (805) 449-2760

East Valley Sheriff Station
2101 East Olsen Road
Telephone: (805) 494-8200

Days & Hours of Operation*

The TORC located at City Hall is open Monday -Thursday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Please note, this location is closed coinciding with the City offices being closed, as well as weekends and legal holidays.

Services Offered

  • Fingerprint Service
  • Vacation House Checks
  • Home Security Survey
  • Property Engravers
  • Ticket Sign-Off for Mechanical/Correctable Violations

Home Security Survey

Specially trained VIP members will survey your residence and demonstrate basic concepts to try and help make your home more resistant to property crimes. Most of the recommendations will be simple and low-cost. During the survey, our volunteers will provide useful tips on a variety of security precautions including using lighting and landscaping to your advantage, how to protect your valuables, and much more. You will receive information and tips on the following:

  • Making doors, windows, and locks more secure
  • Improving outdoor lighting
  • Using landscaping to an advantage
  • Interior security precautions
  • How to protect valuables
  • How to minimize the affects of a crime

Surveys are scheduled Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and take approximately 45 minutes.

Vacation House Check

Don't let your vacation or business trip be ruined by crime. Request a Vacation House Check to help keep your property secure while you are out-of-town. VIP's will check the backyard, windows, garage and doors for signs of disturbance and pay particular attention to your property while on patrol. Efforts will be made to check your residence daily during normal patrol hours.

  • Make your house appear "lived in"
  • User timers for lights.
  • Use a timer for a radio to turn on and off at varying times.
  • Stop delivery of mail, newspapers, and packages or have a neighbor pick them up for you.
  • Arrange to keep your lawn mowed and watered.
  • Keep your garbage cans out of sight - empty cans can be a clue to a burglar that no one is home.
  • Ask a neighbor to park occasionally in your driveway.

Prepare your phone so it does not alert a burglar to your absence
Turn the bell on your telephone off or on low, so a burglar will not be alerted to your absence by the continued ringing.

If you have an answering machine and leave it on while you are away, do not indicate your absence on your recorded message. If your machine alerts a caller that your voice mailbox is full, retrieve your messages while you are away.

Protect Your Valuables

  • Engrave your valuables with your California driver's license number. You may borrow electric engravers from the Thousand Oaks or Newbury Park Community Police Resource Center.
  • Leave your trip plans, an emergency phone number, and a key to your house with a trusted neighbor or friend.
  • Do not leave your house key hidden outside under a doormat, in a flower pot; or on the ledge of a door
  • Have good locks on all your doors and use them.
  • Close and lock garage doors and windows.

At least three business days prior to your departure date, call the Thousand Oaks Community Police Resource Center, (805) 449-2760, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to request a vacation house check.