Treasury and Investments

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City ordinance allows the City Manager to appoint the Director of Finance to serve as City Treasurer and perform the functions of both positions.  This appointment is subject to annual confirmation by the City Council.

The City Treasurer manages and protects public funds.  The City’s Investment Policy sets forth the investment and operational policies for the management of the public funds of the City and is adopted annually by City Council.  The policy is designed to ensure the prudent management of public funds, the availability of operating and capital funds when needed, and an investment return competitive with those of comparable funds and financial market indexes.

City Council has established an investment committee consisting of five members to act as an advisory committee to Council.  The Investment Review Committee meets quarterly to monitor the Treasurer's compliance with the City's investment policy.  In addition, the Investment Review Committee reviews modifications and recommends amendments to the investment policy.  City Council appoints members of the community with backgrounds in finance and investments to serve on the Investment Review Committee.  The Treasurer is not a member of the committee but serves in a staff and advisory capacity. 

The City's Investment Policy requires that within 30 days of the end of each month, the Treasurer submits the Monthly Investment Report to the City Manager and City Council.

Previous Monthly Investment Reports are available in the City's Imaging System.